Take a seat and #doDifferent
It’s easy to take for granted many of the facilities we interact with daily. The benefit we get from even the simplest of tools or furniture, such as chairs and tables, is overlooked because it is commonplace. But for many South Africans, this is not the case. read more »
Sowing seeds to #doDifferent
Harvesting fresh produce from your own garden is a hugely rewarding and satisfying experience. For many, however, the ability to produce their own food has a large barrier to entry. Plants or seeds can be expensive and growing requires a knowledge base to get started. A Joburg based entrepreneur sought to solve this problem for herself, and in the process created a business aiming to spread food gardening far and wide. read more »
Sustainable design and #doDifferent
We love ideas that allow people to make a positive impact simply by changing their purchasing decisions. This week we look at a company offering a sustainable choice with far-reaching impact. read more »
Ditch your normal socks and #doDifferent
Last week we shone a light on a shoe company choosing to #doDifferent, so it’s fitting that this week we look at socks. Sexy Socks was founded in 2014 with an ambitious goal - to make sure every child in South Africa has a pair of socks to wear to school. read more »
A South African footwear icon and #doDifferent
First impressions are critical when it comes to starting your first job. A professional image sets a good impression and builds confidence. New job market entrants often struggle to afford the professional attire required to create a good impression at their first job. This is a problem DORP (Digital Online Retail Products) have sought to help address via their founding brand Veldskoen. read more »
Eat pizza and #doDifferent
Massimo’s is a Cape Town based Pizzeria that allows customers to #doDifferent - either through the food they choose from the menu or by choosing to Pay it Forward. In addition, they donate R1 to DARG (a local animal charity) for every frozen pizza sold through select stockists. We love the idea of letting consumers choose where they want to make a difference - it is one of the founding principles of Different.org. Here is how it works at Massimo’s. read more »
#doDifferent: Shades for Shade
Your choice of sunglasses is a way that you could #doDifferent. ‘This Guy’ (no really, that is the brand name) is a sunglasses brand that aims to provide South Africa’s best and most affordable, polarized wooden sunglasses. read more »
Choose to #doDifferent when you buy groceries
Next in our #doDifferent series is something that is a little different to the other brands and campaigns we have shared in that it is about a regular choice we make - where to buy the groceries. Enter The Refillery, a plastic-free, planet-friendly grocery store. read more »
#doDifferent: Choose sneakers that fight shoelessness
Still on our mission to find brands and businesses that #doDifferent, we came across an idea that is both old and new. So we were delighted to discover the local sneaker brand Vosk, the sneaker brand founded by Wesley Vos. Here is why they #doDifferent. read more »
#doDifferent: Yoghurt...helping moms with more than packed lunches
We have been on the lookout for more companies and campaigns that choose to #dodifferent, that choose to think about business a little differently and, as a result, make a difference. NutriDay ran a campaign called Strength to Strength which celebrated and empowered moms in South Africa, here is how it worked. read more »