#doDifferent with Beauty with a Big Heart
Ever wished self-care could extend beyond just you? We all deserve a luxurious bubble bath or a moment to indulge with a beautiful-smelling lotion. But what if that indulgence could also make a positive difference in the world? This week’s #doDifferent company, Oh So Heavenly, proves it's possible! read more »
Uncapping the Future to #doDifferent
Imagine a classroom where learning isn't confined to textbooks, where students can explore the vast resources of the internet to deepen their understanding and unlock new possibilities. This isn't a distant dream; it's the reality Project Isizwe is actively building in South Africa. read more »
#doDifferent - One Book at a Time
In a world increasingly dominated by digital distractions, books hold a timeless power. They transport us to fantastical worlds, ignite our curiosity, and offer a wealth of knowledge on every topic imaginable. From the well-worn pages of a childhood favourite to a thought-provoking new release, books have the profound ability to shape our minds, broaden our horizons, and leave an indelible mark on our lives. Books are more than just vessels of words; they can be powerful agents for positive change, as evidenced by the innovative work of Bridge Books. read more »
Rooted in Tradition to #doDifferent
In this current age, fast fashion has become a thing of the norm. This high-speed clothing industry churns out trendy garments at breakneck speed, offering a constant stream of fresh looks for bargain hunters. But behind the seemingly endless variety and affordability lies complex issues. Founded on the principles of African-inspired design and ethical production, this week’s #doDifferent brand empowers South African communities through sustainable practices and social responsibility. read more »
Pamper Your Pet Naturally and #doDifferent
For many of us, our pets are cherished members of the family. We want to ensure their well-being not only through love and affection, but also by providing them with safe and healthy products. This is where Pannatural Pets steps in, offering a gentle and sustainable approach to pet care. read more »
#doDifferent in The Digital Age
In today's digitally connected world, navigating the online landscape can be a challenge, especially for young people. Social media platforms offer a constant stream of information and connection, but they also come with inherent risks. MySociaLife, a South African company, is on a mission to empower individuals of all ages to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. read more »
#doDifferent with Your Dinner
In today's world, it's more important than ever to make conscious choices about the products and services we consume. We're all looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and support businesses that are making a positive difference. That's where Dinnerbox, our #doDifferent company of the week, comes in. read more »
Tail-Wagging Sustainability to #doDifferent
They may walk on four legs and lick your face, but there's no denying the special bond we share with our canine companions. More than just pets, dogs become integral members of our families, offering unconditional love, unwavering loyalty, and a daily dose of tail-wagging joy. This week, we are looking at a #doDifferent company that understands and shares this beautiful connection between humans and their furry kin, by creating food that they love and giving them everything they need whilst giving back to our community and environment. read more »
#doDifferent with Sun-Kissed Sustainability
What is a better way to start your morning than with a cup of delicious coffee? But in saying this, coffee shouldn't just wake you up; it should wake you up to the possibilities of change. That’s why this week, we are looking at a #doDifferent brand that has invited you to savour a cup of consciousness, support a brand that values more than just profit, and become an active participant in creating a world where every sip makes a difference. read more »
From Waste to Opportunity to #doDifferent
In a world grappling with waste management challenges, one #doDifferent company emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation, as this digital platform is designed to revolutionize the way waste is handled in Africa. read more »