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How to be a hands-on dad
Some may be rather daunted at the prospect of becoming a dad. This could be especially so if your example of fathering was less than ideal. Thankfully much of how you parent can be learnt - and there’s a lot of choice involved. Here are a few steps to get you started. read more »
Hidden Gems: Lanseria and Muldersdrift
You’ve probably driven past it twenty times without the faintest inkling it was there. Set within an industrial development (The Lanseria Centre) that borders Lanseria Airport, Culinary Table hides in plain sight. “Strange location” I hear you utter, well there’s a story behind that… read more »
#doDifferent: Yoghurt...helping moms with more than packed lunches
We have been on the lookout for more companies and campaigns that choose to #dodifferent, that choose to think about business a little differently and, as a result, make a difference. NutriDay has been running a campaign called Strength to Strength which celebrates and empowers moms in South Africa, here is how it works. read more »
The magic of mushrooms and #doDifferent
We love it when South African businesses #doDifferent so today we would like to give a shout out to Denny Mushrooms for the work they have been doing on the Add Goodness campaign through the Winter. read more »
Businesses that #doDifferent: FoodFlow
Covid-19 has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives and restaurants have been particularly hard hit. But what of the farmers that are producing food for those restaurants and what is happening to the produce? read more »
How your choice of chocolate could #doDifferent
We are all about celebrating South African brands and businesses who seek to make a real difference. So could your choice of chocolate help you #doDifferent? read more »
What can you #doDifferent?
We would all like the world to be a better, fairer, more just world. But how? What can you do? read more »
The Frequency-of-Freedom
After hesitatingly opening up about his journey from Daveyton in the East Rand, to Westdene, west of Joburg, in pursuit of a music dream, musician Malcolm Jiyane explains why he sees Afrikan Freedom Station as his spiritual home for healing and artistic expression. read more »
Running the Giant
Running the Giant were two quality campaigners for change in South Africa. Adrian (Adun) 60 years old, and Andy (growth hacker for Different Life). Together, these two have raised funds and helped change the landscape of philanthropy in South Africa by working with This day was a test of their mettle and getting them ready for their next big fundraising challenge. read more »
Maboneng in the Morning
A journey in pictures through Maboneng precinct in the morning read more »
whatwesaw: A day in Pretoria
A curious observer with a camera in Pretoria on Friday 7 April 2017. read more »
The Soweto Swill
A trip to the Morara Wine Emporium. It’s distinctive because it’s the first and only wine boutique in the whole of Soweto. read more »

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