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What can you #doDifferent?
We would all like the world to be a better, fairer, more just world. But how? What can you do? read more »
What can you #doDifferent?
We would all like the world to be a better, fairer, more just world. But how? What can you do? read more »
Caring for the Community to #doDifferent
As time goes on, many people are looking for natural alternatives to some of their everyday requirements - whether it is to help save the environment or to be kinder to their bodies. One popular natural ingredient loved by many is lavender and its essential oil. Lavender essential oil is known as the miracle oil - helping to relieve stress; headaches; muscle pain; healing burns, bites and wounds; as well as so many other health benefits. That is why this week, we are looking at a #doDifferent company that not only does miracles with a miracle oil, but is helping to uplift communities while they do. read more »
A Hand-Up to #doDifferent
So many businesses these days are choosing to #doDifferent as a fundamental part of their business journey, and many others are doing their best to give back to their communities and the country in any way they can. When considering the wide range of initiatives undertaken by businesses across the country, this famous Theodore Roosevelt quote springs to mind – “Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are”. read more »
Many Threads of #doDifferent
It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the problems facing the world today. So many of our challenges - from the climate crisis to global poverty - seem insurmountable by their scale. What’s more disheartening is the seeming lack of will to address these problems by governments and decision-makers. read more »
Muffins, Hope and #doDifferent
September is childhood cancer awareness month in South Africa. Although childhood cancer is relatively rare, it is on the increase. With early detection and treatment, the survival rate can be as high as 80% which is why early detection is so critical. read more »
#doDifferent From The Very Beginning
When we think about skincare, we are often looking for what is the best for our skin, as it changes and ages. We also want something that can change with us, as life changes and skin care needs develop. If you are a parent, you are always looking for what is best for your children, especially from birth. That’s why this week, we are looking at a brand that believes in keeping your skin as pure as the day you were born, whilst they #doDifferent in local communities. read more »
#doDifferent under the Big Top
For many of us, the circus was an exciting part of our childhood. Rolling into town once a year and whipping up excitement with mind-boggling acrobatic displays; amazing tricks with well-trained animals of all shapes and sizes; as well as the hilarity of the clown shows. read more »
#doDifferent and Cook for a Cause
Do you like cooking? Do you want to be part of a Guinness world record attempt? Do you want to #doDifferent? The perfect opportunity to do all of this is happening soon where, together with some great companies, you can be part of a fantastic event with the goal of raising money for Reach For A Dream. read more »
Shades of Conservation to #doDifferent
We live in an incredibly exciting time in history. With the rate of technological progress, we are experiencing so many things once thought insurmountable or inaccessible that are now commonplace. As a result, we are beginning to find technical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. These include hunger, CO2 emissions, and plastic pollution. read more »
#doDifferent for Better Learning
The problems in the primary education system in South Africa are well documented. A lack of resources, capacity, and politics will result in large portions of South African children not getting an adequate education, or any education at all. Those children who do attend school are often starved of critical resources – such as books and other learning materials - further hampering their access to education. read more »
#doDifferent for Better School Hygiene
We have previously highlighted the crisis of poor toilet sanitation affecting school children in many parts of South Africa. It is estimated that one in ten (6%) of school learners choose to miss school to avoid using the toilet facilities. This is beyond those who use these facilities to their detriment, through the spread of germs and the risk of pit latrines. One company has made it their business to change this, since sanitation is their business. read more »

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