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How to be a hands-on dad
Some may be rather daunted at the prospect of becoming a dad. This could be especially so if your example of fathering was less than ideal. Thankfully much of how you parent can be learnt - and there’s a lot of choice involved. Here are a few steps to get you started. read more »
Hidden Gems in Lanseria and Muldersdrift
You’ve probably driven past it twenty times without the faintest inkling it was there. Set within an industrial development (The Lanseria Centre) that borders Lanseria Airport, Culinary Table hides in plain sight. “Strange location” I hear you utter, well there’s a story behind that… read more »
Passing Time: Exploring Sani Pass and the Mkomazi Wilderness Area
When people say ‘wedding’, I think money, extravagance, excess. A similarly disheartening word-association occurs with the mention of ‘honeymoon’... read more »
Explosive Sounds From The Underground
In rehearsal and on stage with a Johannesburg band that's broadening new sounds. read more »
Songs in Significant Spaces: Zakifo Music Festval 2018
Zakifo Music Festival is about to kick off and we’re all adjusting to the new venue arrangement: three locations spread across three days for a glimpse of the greater Durban experience. read more »
A Weekend in Elgin
A mere 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, the Elgin Valley serves up the perfect slice of country living: rolling farmlands speckled with great restaurants, superb wine farms and a plethora of outdoor activities - all managed by generous, kind-hearted individuals… read more »
Food Conveys Culture in Fordsburg
These days, Fordsburg is considered a meeting place of a variety of different cultures, religions, nationalities and ethnicities – but it wasn’t always this way. read more »
Theatre in the City
A quick look at a few of Johannesburg's theatrical venues - both old and new. read more »
The Yeoville Dinner Club
Getting in an Uber on Friday night the driver turns to us and frowns “You sure you entered the right address?” I smile and shrug, “Yeah, we’re heading to Yeoville.” read more »
Hidden Gems: Holes-in-the-Wall
I’ve just eaten the best fish ‘n chips that Joburg has to offer – to be honest, it rivals some of the best in Cape Town. What’s even more flabbergasting is that it’s been around for 9 years, is just 5km from my apartment and I had no idea it existed. read more »
Jozi - A City Story
Johannesburg is one of those cities one simply cannot love from afar. It requires immersion in its gritty, vibrant and sometimes-frenetic self before this decision can be made. read more »
Women, Motherhood and Independence
You wouldn’t change your little bundle of joy for all the world. But what happens when you want to re-introduce elements of your life from before you became a mother? read more »

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