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How to be a hands-on dad
Some may be rather daunted at the prospect of becoming a dad. This could be especially so if your example of fathering was less than ideal. Thankfully much of how you parent can be learnt - and there’s a lot of choice involved. Here are a few steps to get you started. read more »
Hidden Gems: Lanseria and Muldersdrift
You’ve probably driven past it twenty times without the faintest inkling it was there. Set within an industrial development (The Lanseria Centre) that borders Lanseria Airport, Culinary Table hides in plain sight. “Strange location” I hear you utter, well there’s a story behind that… read more »
Hillbrow Now
I first visited Hillbrow in March 2011 on a tour with the Joburg Photowalkers. Seven years later, my memories of that walk are fuzzy. But I do remember it was the first time I went to the Hillbrow Boxing Club. read more »
Mixing Your Drinks
Luckily the last few years have seen cocktails (in the tasteful sense) come back into fashion and Joburg has seen an influx of bars, both eccentric and exclusive, offering a magnificent assortment of apothecarian delights. I sought out to find the best of the best… read more »
Durban Dreaming
Durban is a city with many calling cards: It’s a place where the sea rolls in warmly and the sky seems larger. Despite its expansive industrial areas and concrete recesses... read more »
Crossing The Koppies
Johannesburg is a relatively new city by human standards. Thirteen decades ago, there was very little to see here except craggy rocks, wildlife, a few streams, and tall, yellow-green grass. read more »
Anstey's Building
Known as one of Joburg’s Art Deco icons and once (albeit fleetingly) one of Africa’s tallest buildings. Architect Melinda Hardisty tells the story of how this building came to be. read more »
Wading Through the Bokong
Ryan Sobey shares how fishing is changing the Makhangoa community read more »
Signature Dish: Parreirinha
Join Kate Liquorish as she visits some of Johannesburg’s favourite cultural culinary spots to hear the story behind them. read more »
Signature Dish: Moda Ristorante
Join Kate Liquorish as she visits some of Johannesburg’s favourite cultural culinary spots to hear the story behind them. read more »
Ten Things I Miss About You, South Africa
For the past three years, South African photojournalist Ian McNaught Davis has travelled to 21 countries. For him, SA still comes out tops. read more »
Locally-Made, With Love
Joburgers pride themselves on getting things done quickly and efficiently. Time is precious, and schedules are meticulously calculated to accommodate the living of everyone's best life. read more »

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