Great Local Brands and #doDifferent
Every aspiring entrepreneur knows that producing a quality product is important but means nothing if you don’t get noticed by potential customers. read more »
Vaccine Equity and #doDifferent
We are now in the third wave of Covid-19 infections and the race is on to vaccinate and begin to turn the tide on this devastating global pandemic. Obviously, the roll-out of the largest ever vaccination programme presents incredible logistics challenges. read more »
#doDifferent to Rebuild
We have all seen the devastating effects of the unrest in South Africa over the past few weeks. As so often in the past, when we experience difficulty, it brings us together to rebuild and move forward. This time is no different. It is so inspiring to see the outpouring of support to help those in need, clean up those places rocked by looting, and begin to move on from this. read more »
#doDifferent and Shop Right
“There is nothing permanent except change”- This is the most famous quote by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and nothing is truer. Imagine what an impact 1 million acts of change would have on communities that are underprivileged. Whether it is monetary, or in-kind donations; volunteering or individual actions; 1 million acts of good hope and care. read more »
Stellar Wines and #doDifferent
A trend is emerging of local wineries taking on environmental and social responsibilities and giving back to their communities. With consumers becoming more aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions, forward-thinking wineries are striving to forge a new path. read more »
Simplifying Skincare and #doDifferent
Beauty products represent an international market worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Given the size of the industry, its environmental and social footprint is enormous. Sadly, this industry carries a legacy of animal testing and environmentally harmful and health-damaging ingredients. read more »
#doDifferent with a Little Green Number
Billboards have been one of the most effective ways of advertising for nearly 200 years now. However, it seems reasonable to presume that billboards are still quite influential and will be for a long time. Have you ever thought about how many billboards you pass on your morning commute? Have you ever thought about what happens to the materials utilized when the billboard you see every day is replaced with another? read more »
Healthy Refreshment and #doDifferent
Rooibos is a South African icon. Our very own appellation – only allowed to be named rooibos if grown in the Western Cape – it has been a staple of South African households for generations. Not only is rooibos delicious, but it has many reported health benefits. read more »
Get Your Caffeine Fix and #doDifferent
Coffee means a great deal to many of us. Whether it is that first ‘wake-me-up’ cup in the morning or the satisfying after dinner espresso, coffee is utilitarian yet comforting and rewarding. What if each cup of coffee could also contribute to a greater purpose? What if we could #doDifferent and have our coffee choice change lives? read more »
Putting Down Roots and #doDifferent
Trees are symbols of strength, wisdom, and prosperity. They stand for many other things as well. They can make a landscape beautiful to the benefit of communities and provide homes to animals. They scrub carbon dioxide from the air helping to offset our environmental impact. read more »