#doDifferent for Rugby Development
Rugby in South Africa has an incredible ability to bring our nation together and the power to lift people out of dire circumstances to reach incredible heights. Think of the euphoric Springbok world cup wins which have united us and made us believe in what we can accomplish as a country. Think also about the heroes that have come from the game... read more »
Feed a Furry Friend and #doDifferent
This week we take a look at a company who is choosing to #doDifferent but not in the way we are used to. This company has created an initiative to help our furry companions – dogs and cats. Sadly, in our country so many pets are subject to terrible conditions and neglected or abandoned. Often, they are discarded when their owners fall on tough times and are left to fend for themselves. read more »
Shop, Swipe and #doDifferent
With a country beset with problems as South Africa is it can become overwhelming when you as an individual would like to help but there are just too many needs confronting you. Whether it’s the chronic hunger problem, the broken education system, or one of the other crises constantly facing the country it feels like the means and influence of one person can do no good. Fortunately, a stalwart South African business is choosing to #doDifferent and give each individual the chance to make an impact. read more »
Intercontinental Brewing and #doDifferent
The ongoing war in Ukraine has shocked us all. Every day more devastation is unveiled with lives ended or upended and no ceasefire in sight. It’s hard to grasp how much the lives of everyday Ukrainians have changed. From living peacefully in a country making great economic and social progress, to surviving a warzone spanning large parts of the country where no place seems to be safe from attack. read more »
Revamp, Reorganize and #doDifferent
One of the great pleasures in life is the process of styling one's living space. This includes extensive renovations or simply reorganizing a room, defining the way you want to live, or making the most of features and spaces you have available. There is great satisfaction in seeing your ideas realized on the scale of a living environment. read more »
Bag Some Threads and #doDifferent
South Africa is a vibrant place, and South Africans are resourceful outgoing people. So many of the great South African brands and companies reflect this in their identity and ethos. This week we look at a company with all this spirit, choosing to #doDifferent in their business journey. read more »
Bee Sweet and #doDifferent
Honey has long been the preferred choice for those looking for a healthier delivery of sweetness. Wonderful on toast, brilliant on pancakes and delightful in tea, honey has also long been touted for its various health benefits. read more »
Get Hooked on #doDifferent
Over recent years the impact of unsustainable fishing practices on the environment and people have become abundantly clear. read more »
Coding to #doDifferent
We live in a digitally fueled world, with self-driving cars; augmented reality; and computer algorithms offering us tailored information. What’s breaking news now will soon be forgotten. Due to this, computer coding is critical for future success, as it provides children with abilities that extend well beyond the computer. Learning to code has several advantages, including problem-solving; abstraction; and critical thinking. read more »
Glittering Charm and #doDifferent
A beautiful piece of jewellery holds a special allure for all of us. A combination of rare and fine materials combined with the expression of precision craftsmanship feels precious and valuable. read more »