Putting Pen to Paper and #doDifferent
Inequality of education continues to plague South Africa, possibly as its most worrying and tragic challenge. Not only are most public schools underfunded, but large portions of school goers are subject to the effects of historical education inequality and economic inequality. Access to learning materials such as books and stationery is difficult or out of reach for many. These are the basics, and without them, it is near impossible to improve education outcomes. read more »
Farm Fresh and #doDifferent
Often corporate social investment programmes are box-ticking exercises which, though doing some temporary good, do nothing to genuinely change the circumstances for those they aim to help. Changing circumstances means genuine empowerment for people to build on and thrive. read more »
Wine With Soul and #doDifferent
This week we look at a Stellenbosch vineyard choosing to #doDifferent in their approach to winemaking. Journeys End are a vineyard and winery producing a range of handcrafted boutique wines. Operating in a highly competitive local market they have chosen to focus on sustainable agriculture and social impact along with their terroir focussed approach to winemaking. read more »
Celebrate Beer and #doDifferent
South Africa was almost two months into the lockdown restrictions. A feature of this was the total ban on alcohol sales. Although necessary to relieve pressure on hospitals from alcohol-related trauma cases the ban had devastated businesses across the extensive alcohol-related supply chain. Data suggested almost 90% of craft breweries – supporting several thousand jobs – were at risk of permanent closure. read more »
Fine Fabrics and #doDifferent
As populations have grown ever larger and ever more demanding, our consumer culture has led to the ubiquity of cheap, mass-made products. This is evident in everything from food to furniture, but it is particularly true for textiles. read more »
Women’s Health and #doDifferent
A great tragedy in South Africa is the lack of support for women’s reproductive health. Cultural taboo and lack of access to education and hygiene products has dire consequences for a huge segment of young women. read more »
Sustainable Sneakers and #doDifferent
Sneakers can say a lot about a person. They have become a bold fashion statement, with brand association or boldness of design forming the style of the wearer. But what if your style says more about your attitude towards sustainability and supporting social causes? read more »
Creative collaboration and #doDifferent
To kick off the new year we would like to shine a light on Faithful to Nature, the online retailer specializing in health and eco-friendly products. read more »
Delicious Wine and #doDifferent
South Africa produces some of the best wines in the world and we are rightly proud of this fact. However, there is a tragic side to the wine industry, as with many other industries in South Africa. Due to exclusion and exploitation, the wine industry was historically built on unfair labour practices. The problem is systemic and although many improvements have been made, there is generally still massive inequality in access to resources between wine farm workers and owners. read more »
Re-imagining short-term insurance and #doDifferent
Insurance is a tricky business. Providers need to balance their profitability against their function to honour legitimate claims. Claims are often denied due to technicalities in policy wording which exist to predict risk and protect against insurance fraud. The result is a general distrust and animosity between insurance companies and customers. Short-term insurance is often seen as a necessary evil which we would all rather do without. read more »