Thirsty to #doDifferent
Plastics have become a key target in the fight against pollution and climate change. Although plastics have undoubtedly revolutionized many aspects of modern existence, their disposable nature and lack of biodegradability mean they are one of the leading causes of pollution. We see the effect of this in oceans and rivers around the world, and the devastating effect it has on animal and human life. read more »
Funky Threads and #doDifferent
T-shirts make a statement. Maybe it’s a fashion statement. Maybe it’s a statement about yourself and how you want the world to see you. The logo of your favourite band, a print of the sports team you support or a commemorative t-shirt of a place you have visited all communicate something about you. read more »
#doDifferent through the Power of Sports
For years, sports has brought South Africans together - bringing happiness; unity; and camaraderie to all ages. It is probably the cornerstone of what we now know as the rainbow nation. But perhaps the most important outcome is the contribution it makes to children’s mental and physical development. read more »
Talent and Skills Combining to #doDifferent
So many great things are achieved through collaboration. Think about how much great art and music has been produced through collaboration. Think about how great sports teams are often greater than their individual players. The coming together of different minds, talents and skills often yields the best results. read more »
Beer Community Spirit and #doDifferent
Last week we shone a light on a craft brewery choosing to #doDifferent and support those in need as part of their survival efforts. This week we look at another, despite being one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic - and suffering through 5 months of alcohol bans during which they have not been able to trade. This is enough to destroy most businesses and the fact that some have survived speaks to the strength and resilience of these brewers. The fact that so many have still found capacity to support those in need speaks to the community spirit engrained in the industry. read more »
Beer Heroes and #doDifferent
South Africa is again in a heightened alert level in response to the 3rd wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Once again, a total ban on the sale of alcohol is in place in an attempt to ease pressure on hospitals which are completely overwhelmed. read more »
#doDifferent with Soup for the Soul
We are heading out of a very cold winter in South Africa, at a time when the effects of economic difficulties, social issues, and Covid-19 devastation are showing to be untenable. An increasing number of people are unable to meet their basic needs and are going hungry on a regular basis. read more »
Bathu for Batho and #doDifferent
About 7 million children in Africa go to school without shoes - increasing their chance of being injured or getting infections. Every winter, many learners in South Africa drop out of school due to their lack of shoes. One South African company is choosing to #doDifferent and actively trying to solve this problem. read more »
Flower Power and #doDifferent
Flowers have an uncanny ability to communicate a wide range of emotions on our behalf. They bring a sense of brightness and joy to a celebration but also a sense of comfort and consolation to a tragedy. They make a room brighter and promote a sense of calm. read more »
Great Local Brands and #doDifferent
Every aspiring entrepreneur knows that producing a quality product is important but means nothing if you don’t get noticed by potential customers. read more »