Saving Sight and #doDifferent
About 80% of the information we process on a daily basis is through our eyes, making the gift of sight one that is very often taken for granted. With this being said, it is unfortunate that there are people in South Africa living with visual impairment on a daily basis. They are unable to read this article or see the beauty that is South Africa without the aid of spectacles, contact lenses - for some, they can’t see at all. read more »
Ethical Bling and #doDifferent
This week we take a look at an entrepreneur choosing to #doDifferent in the glamourous world of jewellery design. Janine Binneman is a Cape Town-based jewellery designer. Having spent 25 years creating her custom designs and standard collections, she is a master of her craft. Fans include prominent local television and radio presenters. Janine Binneman Jewellery products include a standard range featuring rings, necklaces, earrings, and cufflinks, as well as custom-designed fine jewellery and everyday pieces. read more »
Kick The Debt and #doDifferent
University is one of the most exciting times a young person can ever experience but can also be one of the most stressful. With looming deadlines, a mountain of work to do and adjusting to a new environment, it can get a bit much for anyone. Now imagine having to deal with all of that, plus the stress of having a massive amount of student debt to your name, threatening your chances of graduating should it not be paid up. read more »
#doDifferent to Empower
Empowerment is vital in South Africa where so many people have been, and continue to be, marginalized. It is easy to view empowerment through the lens of big government policies and projects but often it is the choices made by individual companies to change the status quo, and drive empowerment through their business journey, which really makes a difference. read more »
African Scent and #doDifferent
Scents have a massive impact on our daily lives. Since smell is so intricately connected to our memory and emotions, the scents we encounter help to set our mood and change the dynamic of our environment. read more »
Sustainable Gear and #doDifferent
The sad reality of modern life is that the result of every process and every product is a waste of some form. Much of this waste stems from materials designed for a single-use. Sadly, following this single-use, a lot of this waste finds its way into oceans and the atmosphere and has got us to a critical environmental situation. read more »
Burning Bright and #doDifferent
We tend to think that the big changes required to fix all the problems society faces must come from big solutions. The #doDifferent philosophy focuses more on each small choice we make adding up to large-scale change. One Cape Town-based company exemplifies how even the small items we might overlook can make an impact. read more »
Special Seasoning and #doDifferent
Salt. It’s the difference between bland and tasty food. It can also be the difference between simply consuming or making the choice to #doDifferent and make a positive impact. One South African brand is choosing to make this often-overlooked product have an outsized positive impact. read more »
Put a Pep in Their Step and #doDifferent
With many South African consumers often not having enough money to cover their necessities, it is no surprise that more people have been purchasing things like clothes on lay-by. Purchasing on lay-by allows consumers to pay off an item on a monthly basis with no added interest, and they may collect it once it is fully paid for. read more »
Putting Pen to Paper and #doDifferent
Inequality of education continues to plague South Africa, possibly as its most worrying and tragic challenge. Not only are most public schools underfunded, but large portions of school goers are subject to the effects of historical education inequality and economic inequality. Access to learning materials such as books and stationery is difficult or out of reach for many. These are the basics, and without them, it is near impossible to improve education outcomes. read more »