Funky Threads and #doDifferent

T-shirts make a statement. Maybe it’s a fashion statement. Maybe it’s a statement about yourself and how you want the world to see you. The logo of your favourite band, a print of the sports team you support or a commemorative t-shirt of a place you have visited all communicate something about you.

One company is producing t-shirts which make a statement of a different kind. This statement is one of positive commitment to South Africa and dedication to helping those in the country who are in desperate need.

bonhappi-T are a Durban based company supplying a range of t-shirts with funky designs and prints. Their shirts are high-quality fabrics, manufactured to the highest standards by local companies – supporting jobs in South Africa. The whole purpose of this company is to #doDifferent, and this is how it works.

For each t-shirt sold, bonhappi-T immediately donates sufficient funds from the sale of the shirt to feed one mouth, one meal, for one month. These donations go to feeding both people in need, as well as our furry dog friends. The donations are administered by Food Forward SA, who provide food to over 600 organizations nationwide, or the NPO #DoMore who provide food to dog charities in KwaZulu Natal. To date, over 880 000 meals have been donated.

The original concept was a mechanism that would connect those who can and want to help, to those who need help. By leveraging something simple like a t-shirt which we all wear into a device for delivering assistance they are able to scale small donations to make a huge impact.

So let your t-shirt make a statement about how you choose to #doDifferent. Check out bonhappi-T here.

Images by: bonhappi-T