#doDifferent, For Moms Everywhere
In South Africa, there are many women, now mothers, who had busy careers but decided to stop largely because they wanted to start to nurture their family or integrate their work with their family. Thankfully, due to advances in technology and cybersecurity, employees are able to work remotely or in the office as they can share files, communicate with colleagues and collaborate on projects from wherever they are. That’s why, this week we are looking at a company that saw a gap in the market and chose to #doDifferent for mothers everywhere. read more »
#doDifferent and Leave a Legacy
When one thinks of Africa, it is hard to not think of her diverse array of wildlife and natural wonders, many of which are unappreciated or simply overlooked. That’s why, this week, we are looking at a company that helps to show their clients the natural beauty and wonder that Africa holds, whilst they #doDifferent to leave a legacy. read more »
#doDifferent, Period!
That time of the month, a visit from Aunt Flo - these are common euphemisms for menstruation, which happens to every woman during her lifetime. It is a normal and healthy part of life for most women, which roughly 26% of the global population are currently experiencing. But did you know that young girls in South Africa miss up to a fifth of their high school experience because they cannot afford sanitary pads? That’s why, this week, we are looking at a #doDifferent campaign that is currently running to help give girls their dignity back and care for them by keeping them in school. read more »
Digital Collaboration to #doDifferent
As the African proverb says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ and in education, this is ever more pertinent. That’s why, this week we are looking at a #doDifferent company that is making a difference and increasing access to education worldwide. read more »
Seeds of Opportunity that #doDifferent
Growing your own produce at home has become more common as time goes by. Whether one does it as a hobby to keep yourself busy and out in nature, or as a source of food for your family and community, it is a great way to feed many mouths without damaging or harming the environment. There are many plants that can infringe on South Africa’s nature and local flora. This is why, this week, we are looking at a company that cares as much about the product that they are selling as they do about the environment and their community. read more »
#doDifferent to Help Feed the Nation
There are many societal challenges that face South Africa, one of the major ones being hunger. With 55% of South Africans living below the breadline, it is imperative for companies, brands and everyday individuals to try to make a difference, no matter how small. That’s why, this week we are looking at a home-grown brand that wants to #doDifferent by contributing to communities across South Africa, helping to feed the nation and reduce their by-product waste at the same time - helping two causes at once. read more »
Brewing Kindness to #doDifferent
Life is so busy for most and whilst it seems impossible to make a tangible difference for people, sometimes it’s as simple as a gift of free coffee. That’s why, this week we are looking at a Johannesburg coffee shop that created a “Pay it Forward” initiative in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, that is still serving as a beautiful partnership between the community and them. read more »
#doDifferent and Care for the Community
Imagine if you could make a difference in other people’s lives just by purchasing healthcare products for you and your loved ones. That’s why this week, we are looking at a beloved chain store that is giving its clients a chance to #doDifferent with their purchase. read more »
Warming up to #doDifferent
Another winter is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to stock up on ingredients for the hot drinks we need to stay cosy on those cold (and now dark) nights. There are few better options than our wonderfully homegrown South African rooibos tea. Naturally caffeine free, and without the stimulant effects of cocoa which may keep you up at night, you can have rooibos at any time - and several cups of it! read more »
Transforming Lives to #doDifferent
In many homes in South Africa, pets are a common sight to behold. Whether they are the furry friend, a lifelong companion, a guard dog or a four-legged family member - we want to do right by them by caring for and loving them during their lifetimes. That's why this week, we are looking at a company that pledges to make a difference in your pet’s life, as well as the lives of pets that have yet to find their forever homes. read more »