Healthy Earth and Ocean to #doDifferent

As the second-largest continent on Earth, Africa boasts an awe-inspiring coastline spanning over 30,000 kilometres, enveloping diverse habitats that support an extraordinary array of marine life. From coral reefs teeming with vibrant fish species to majestic marine mammals gracefully gliding through the waves, Africa's waters are a testament to nature's ingenuity and resilience.

However, our marine ecosystems face an unprecedented threat: human activities fueled by rapid population growth, unsustainable fishing practices, pollution, and the devastating consequences of climate change. These challenges, if left unchecked, jeopardize not only the delicate balance of marine life but also the livelihoods of coastal communities that depend on these resources for survival. That’s why, this week, we are looking at a #doDifferent company that gives back through their positive ocean awareness against pollution and positive rural community upliftment.

Dawn Patrol Wines is a sustainable wine brand by esteemed winemaker Trizanne Barnard that is dedicated to protecting the ocean environment. The name "Dawn Patrol" comes from the tradition that sees surfers getting up before sunrise to search the coast for the perfect swell. As an avid surfer herself, Trizanne is fully aware of the importance of taking care of the ocean and the marine environment it contains, and yearned for positive change that would have a lasting effect on generations to come. This is what inspired her to start Dawn Patrol Wines.

Together with her craft for winemaking, the need to leave a beautiful planet for our children's children and her passion for surfing she saw a new opportunity that would link these to positive change. Their grapes are carefully sourced from farmers who are passionate about cultivating soil in a sustainable manner, enabling them to create beautifully balanced wines reflecting their unique origins. They follow sustainable practices during the winemaking process, ensuring their winecraft has minimal impact on the environment.

Dawn Patrol Wines is incredibly dedicated to protecting the ocean environment: from the marine wildlife beneath its waves to the pristine beaches lapped by its tides. Their core values focus on sustainability, awareness and giving back. This is why for every bottle purchased, they give a percentage of their profits back to the ocean and local communities through Ocean Pledge and Surfpop.

By turning awareness into action, Ocean Pledge is dedicated to reducing single-use plastics. They are committed to turning awareness into action by education around the startling statistics of plastic use in our country which fills up our landfills to critical volumes which leads to the excess waste being discarded into our seas, and waterways and then land up onto our beautiful beaches.

Surfpop creates upliftment and long-lasting opportunities for children and youth from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town and surrounds. Their founder saw the need and decided to create positive community upliftment because of his love for our beautiful seas through surfing, education and nutritious meals. Their program promotes physical and mental well-being, focusing on the sustainability of holistically healthy living to ensure bright futures. These initiatives together are creating vital change in the lives of our country's future leaders and Daw Patrol Wines are proud to play a part in this great story that is busy unfolding.

So, the next time you want to grab your snorkel, pack your sense of wonder, and embark on a transformative journey to conserve Africa's precious oceans, one wave at a time - why not try some of Dawn Patrol Wine’s products and be a part of the difference you want to make. Together, we can be the driving force behind change and create a legacy of preservation and harmony with our planet's most awe-inspiring natural wonders.

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Images by: Dawn Patrol Wines, Ocean Pledge and Surfpop