Warming up to #doDifferent

We're deep in the middle of winter, and that means it’s time to stock up on ingredients for the hot drinks we need to stay cosy on these cold (and now dark) nights.

There are few better options than our wonderfully homegrown South African rooibos tea. Naturally caffeine free, and without the stimulant effects of cocoa which may keep you up at night, you can have rooibos at any time - and several cups of it!

One company has innovated to allow us to enjoy rooibos versions of all the espresso-based drinks we love, and along with that, are choosing to #doDifferent and make a real positive contribution to South Africa.

red espresso was founded in 2005 with the goal to develop a healthier alternative to coffee which could stand out in a growing café culture. This led to their range of rooibos tea products which are designed to be direct substitutes for the most popular domestic and commercial espresso formats. This includes Nespresso pods, soft pods, instant soluble rooibos, and their staple fine-ground loose tea.

Not only have they created a truly unique product, but they have long focussed on making sure their business makes a positive contribution to their community and the country. red espresso have several projects on this front.

With their Seeds of Hope subsistence farming project, red espresso equips small-scale rooibos farmers with the skills and resources to farm the raw product and commits to buying the subsequent yield. This allows these farmers to get established and build farming operations which can sustainably grow.

red espresso also sponsors the Ground Up Academy, which trains previously disadvantaged people to become baristas and gain meaningful work in the coffee and hospitality industries. This type of training and entry to the job market is so often the springboard to breaking the cycle of poverty for these communities.

Finally, with rooibos having several health benefits linked to cancer prevention, support for cancer research and awareness has long been a part of the company’s social initiatives. Each month they donate money to CANSA to assist those affected by this disease.

So, if you love your espresso-based drinks, but want something free of caffeine and a little healthier, why not choose red espresso? In doing so you are not only getting a great product, but also choosing to #doDifferent and support some impactful social causes.

Find out more about red espresso here.

Images by: red espresso