Signature Dish: Little Addis
Join Kate Liquorish as she meets Kassa Gebrehana, chef and owner of Little Addis in Maboneng. read more »
Breezeblock, Brixton’s new neighbourhood café, is a bit of a remixed tribute to all that's good about 70s suburbia. It has a laid-back, welcoming vibe – the kind that makes it hard to just pop in for a quick coffee – it warrants staying a little while longer. read more »
Always look on the Brightside
The story of chef James Diack’s farm-to-table ethos. CNN food and travel writer Evelyn Chen asked ten of the world’s most illustrious chefs for their food-trend predictions for 2017. read more »
Bobby Merkel at the Afrikan Freedom Station
Jazz saxophonist Bobby Merkel, known as one of the greats on the Sophiatown music scene, chats to us about his beginnings as a muso. read more »
Visit South Africa’s Twin Peaks District
Here’s a look at affordable ways to take a weekend break from the city and explore some gems in and along the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga. read more »
Johannesburg's Best Outdoor Spaces
The City of Gold can be daunting for pedestrians. Unlike Paris or New York – cities where you can amble out of an underground train station and wander off in any direction... read more »
All gravel for dirt bikes - Stan Engelbrecht tells his story of the Karoobaix. read more »
Locally-Made, With Love
Shaded by acacia trees and surrounded by roses and cycads, Munch Café is an unpretentious and welcoming space that reminds you to slow down. read more »
Hillbrow Now
I first visited Hillbrow in March 2011 on a tour with the Joburg Photowalkers. Seven years later, my memories of that walk are fuzzy. But I do remember it was the first time I went to the Hillbrow Boxing Club. read more »
Mixing Your Drinks
Luckily the last few years have seen cocktails (in the tasteful sense) come back into fashion and Joburg has seen an influx of bars, both eccentric and exclusive, offering a magnificent assortment of apothecarian delights. I sought out to find the best of the best… read more »