Passing Time: Exploring Sani Pass and the Mkomazi Wilderness Area
When people say ‘wedding’, I think money, extravagance, excess. A similarly disheartening word-association occurs with the mention of ‘honeymoon’... read more »
Explosive Sounds From The Underground
In rehearsal and on stage with a Johannesburg band that's broadening new sounds. read more »
Songs in Significant Spaces: Zakifo Music Festval 2018
Zakifo Music Festival is about to kick off and we’re all adjusting to the new venue arrangement: three locations spread across three days for a glimpse of the greater Durban experience. read more »
A Weekend in Elgin
A mere 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, the Elgin Valley serves up the perfect slice of country living: rolling farmlands speckled with great restaurants, superb wine farms and a plethora of outdoor activities - all managed by generous, kind-hearted individuals… read more »
Food Conveys Culture in Fordsburg
These days, Fordsburg is considered a meeting place of a variety of different cultures, religions, nationalities and ethnicities – but it wasn’t always this way. read more »
Theatre in the City
A quick look at a few of Johannesburg's theatrical venues - both old and new. read more »
The Yeoville Dinner Club
Getting in an Uber on Friday night the driver turns to us and frowns “You sure you entered the right address?” I smile and shrug, “Yeah, we’re heading to Yeoville.” read more »
Hidden Gems: Holes-in-the-Wall
I’ve just eaten the best fish ‘n chips that Joburg has to offer – to be honest, it rivals some of the best in Cape Town. What’s even more flabbergasting is that it’s been around for 9 years, is just 5km from my apartment and I had no idea it existed. read more »
Jozi - A City Story
Johannesburg is one of those cities one simply cannot love from afar. It requires immersion in its gritty, vibrant and sometimes-frenetic self before this decision can be made. read more »
The Lido Guide
Achieve holiday happiness with ten of the best lidos for the whole family read more »