Running the Giant
Running the Giant were two quality campaigners for change in South Africa. Adrian (Adun) 60 years old, and Andy (growth hacker for Different Life). Together, these two have raised funds and helped change the landscape of philanthropy in South Africa by working with This day was a test of their mettle and getting them ready for their next big fundraising challenge. read more »
The Frequency-of-Freedom
After hesitatingly opening up about his journey from Daveyton in the East Rand, to Westdene, west of Joburg, in pursuit of a music dream, musician Malcolm Jiyane explains why he sees Afrikan Freedom Station as his spiritual home for healing and artistic expression. read more »
Maboneng in the Morning
A journey in pictures through Maboneng precinct in the morning read more »
whatwesaw: A day in Pretoria
A curious observer with a camera in Pretoria on Friday 7 April 2017. read more »
The Soweto Swill
A trip to the Morara Wine Emporium. It’s distinctive because it’s the first and only wine boutique in the whole of Soweto. read more »
A Corner House Chronicle
Bearing silent witness to the evolution of Johannesburg from a frontier town established in 1886, to one of the youngest and newest big cities in the world, its buildings hold many stories. Urban Geographer and Instagrammer Jay Jay Gregory tells the story of what is today known as the Corner House, a stately building in central Johannesburg. read more »
The Other Georgia On My Mind
Photojournalist Ian McNaught Davis went looking for a photograph in Georgia but found a home instead. read more »
Second Time Around
We explore a few of Jozi's antique and thrift shops read more »
Tour of Ara: The Story
My exploration on the back of my Alpina went very well, and when the dirt roads were smooth the going was great. No cars, hardly any people, and fantastic little towns to punctuate the silence. Karoo hospitality and fantastic food. The Tour of Ara was born. read more »
Galata Bakery & Coffee
Owner of the Galata Bakery & Coffee Shop, Savas Daskan, visited a few African countries before deciding to settle in Johannesburg... read more »