#doDifferent with Beauty with a Big Heart

Ever wished self-care could extend beyond just you? We all deserve a luxurious bubble bath or a moment to indulge with a beautiful-smelling lotion. But what if that indulgence could also make a positive difference in the world? This week’s #doDifferent company, Oh So Heavenly, proves it's possible!

Oh So Heavenly isn't just about pampering yourself with luxurious bath and body products; it's about feeling confident, beautiful, and making a positive impact on the world. Their mission goes beyond gorgeous scents and indulgent textures – it's about empowering women and giving back to the South African community.

Oh So Heavenly believes every woman deserves to feel happy and confident in their own skin. They encourage you to embrace your individuality and celebrate your strengths. Their products are designed to nourish and rejuvenate you, both physically and emotionally. It's about self-care that goes beyond the surface.

Oh So Heavenly is firmly against animal testing. They believe in creating heavenly products that are kind to both you and animals. All their products are cruelty-free and endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa. They go the extra mile to ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced and never involve animal suffering.

Oh So Heavenly understands the importance of confidence, especially for women battling cancer. They partner with the Look Good… Feel Better Foundation to offer beauty workshops across South Africa. These workshops empower women with cancer to enhance their natural beauty and rediscover a sense of hope. With every purchase of their Positively Pink range, Oh So Heavenly donates to the foundation, making a real difference in women's lives.

Oh So Heavenly extends their compassion to children in need. They partner with LIV Village, an organization that provides orphaned and vulnerable children with a loving family environment. Their Heart of Gold collection directly supports LIV Village, allowing them to continue their vital work. Together, they're shaping a brighter future for South African children.

Choosing Oh So Heavenly isn't just about treating yourself to a luxurious bath experience. It's about aligning yourself with a brand that cares.  With every purchase, you're contributing to a more beautiful and compassionate world, one indulgent bubble bath at a time.

Images by: Oh So Heavenly