What can you #doDifferent?

We would all like the world to be a better, fairer, more just world. But how? What can you do?

Well, now more than ever you as the consumer can use your choice to make a real difference.  

You can choose to #doDifferent - to choose brands that do things differently and to use the power of your choice to change the world. So here are four brands you can choose to support, because they are about more than the bottom line, and when you buy from one of these brands you are enabling change. 


First up is the most unlikely of candidates, a company that sells Life Insurance… your groan was almost audible then, but seeing as you are still here let me expound. Life Insurance is one of those things you need but hope you never use, so in a way it is the ultimate grudge purchase. So how could Life insurance #doDifferent?

Well there is a company called Different Life and they allow you to donate one of your payments every year to a charity of your choice on Different.org, their crowdfunding platform. Here is the thing, Different Life policyholders and other donors on Different.org have already donated over R15 million to various causes on Different.org.

Go checkout Different.org here.

So yes, it is still Life Insurance (underwritten by Old Mutual alternative Risk Transfer Limited) but when you do the maths of collecting 11 premiums a year instead of twelve you realise that this business model generates donations at 8% of revenue. Now most business will donate profit, but if you have even a rudimentary understanding of finance, you will recognise the significance of this model!

If you are in the market for Life insurance or have been thinking about it, click here to get a quote and #doDifferent.


A slogan t-shirt is a statement of self more than a statement of taste. Wearing a slogan on a t-shirt signals ones affiliations and beliefs, and so it makes sense to make the t-shirt do more than the slogan. In a sense T-Shirts for Change is about adding action to the #tag.

T-Shirts For Change is the original slogan t-shirt for a cause. Created from a fundraising initiative for Women’s Day, the idea took on a life of its own to become a fully-fledged business and brand. For every t-shirt sold, 50% of proceeds are donated to charity. Through the sale of slogan tees, T-Shirts for Change support six different South African charities, which include organizations that help women and animals, provide education, and assist the LGBTQI+ community.

So it’s cool to wear a t-shirt that signals your beliefs. It’s even cooler to wear a t-shirt that has substance beyond the slogan.

To learn more click here.

Image credit: Nicole Jowett


When it comes to taking notes I am old school. There is something more meaningful for me in writing it down as opposed to typing on a keyboard. So it’s great to discover a notebook that allows me to get my thoughts down on paper, but also makes a difference with every notebook bought. Of course it helps that it has a smart name and looks pretty nifty too.

The Humanwrit.es notebooks are available as The Original Writable, The Scribble and The Flexi Writable, so there is one for every possible note-taking, noodling, doodling requirement. They can be bought in packs, and can they be branded so they make for a great desk drop or corporate gift. Oh yes, you can purchase a nifty matte black pen to boot.

But here is the thing: for every notebook sold, Humanwrit.es gives a child 5 story books.

I don’t need to tell you the importance of reading for childhood development. I think we can all agree that access to quality reading materials is critically important, and that a nation of readers would be a smart nation. So as a noodler, scribbler, and a doodler I am going to use the power of my choice to support this brand, why not check them out and do the same?

Visit Humanwrit.es here.

Image credit: HumanWrit.es


Coffee for me is close to a basic human right; an essential part of my day; a necessity, and a source of pleasure … in short... I like it.

Coffee constitutes a significant portion of what could be described as luxurious discretionary spend because, despite my protesting, it is not in fact a necessity. So it is really cool (read guilt-relieving) when your coffee purchases can make the world a better place, and not just for those in the vicinity of your morning mood.

State 5 has introduced a blend called The Philanthropist, and it is intended to make you a happier coffee drinker and a... well... philanthropist. To do this they have partnered with SAID (The Society for Animals in Distress), and for every 1kg of The Philanthropist sold, State 5 donates R50 to SAID.

So if animal welfare is a cause close to your heart, your morning cup of Joe could make a difference. Once again it is just about your choice. The brands you choose is your power to make change.

To purchase The Philanthropist, click here.

Image credit: Rikki Hibbert

Written by: Andrew Lester,
Founder of Conjunction Content