Zero Waste and #doDifferent

Awareness of the effects of plastic on the environment is at an all-time high. The devastating impact of waste on the oceans and natural environment is self-evident. The planet needs solutions to reduce the damage our convenience-based lifestyles cause. Fortunately, technology has responded with new and innovative solutions which can greatly reduce the amount of waste that lands up in the oceans or landfills.

A lot of companies are seeing that the future necessitates environmentally friendly packaging and are developing products to suit. What if a company could be at the forefront of sustainable packing and at the same time able to #doDifferent?

One such company is Green Home. This South African environmentally friendly food packaging business has bold ambitions – making plant-based food packaging the norm by 2030. They supply a comprehensive range of food packaging and utensil solutions. The majority of their products are manufactured from compostable plant-based materials, while the balance are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Innovative sustainability solutions are what Green Home is about, and their company culture is what makes them special. The business is 100% carbon neutral. They offset their carbon emissions by supporting an initiative to supply low-carbon technologies to homes in Khayelitsha. This initiative improves the living conditions and air quality of the residents, as well as creating much needed jobs and skills in the area.

Furthering their commitment to this area, Green Home supports Yiza Ekhaya, an organisation providing food, shelter, and a safe space for 250 children of one of the most underprivileged parts of Cape Town.

We all know that the solution to reversing the environmental crisis facing the world is for each person to play their part and reduce their personal waste. Companies can switch to compostable and recyclable solutions from Green Home for their food packaging needs. Individuals can choose to support the companies that do. This is a choice to #doDifferent and support a community in need while playing your part for the environment.

You can visit Green Home here.

Images by: Green Home