Wood if You Could #doDifferent

The past few years have seen a revival of interest in practical skills. In a world where most people now do work without a tangible outcome or product - coupled with pandemic lockdowns, all set against access to ubiquitous access information and knowledge sharing – has set the scene for huge swathes of people to rediscover skills such as blacksmithing, baking, sculpture, and woodworking.

Along with these skills come communities of hobbyists and tradespeople, and opportunities for skills development and employment as society begins to rediscover the value of crafted products. In a country like South Africa, where the education system has failed so many, these kinds of skills are a real opportunity for many to build a successful career.

This week we look at a business that sees this opportunity and is working towards helping potential tradespeople realize their potential.

Tools4wood is a one-stop-shop for everything woodworking related. They stock everything from industrial and hobbyist power tools, hand tools and jigs, and all manner of woodworking consumables. Supplying nationwide through their online store, Tools4wood give South Africans access to all the top woodworking brands as well as excellent advice and great service.

Between the 16th of November and the 16th of December 2022, Tools4wood chose to #doDifferent by running their Tools4 a Woody campaign. The aim was to assist upcoming and aspiring woodworkers to improve themselves with the help of new and better woodworking tools. To meet this aim, Tools4wood donated a portion of all profits during that period towards the campaign.

The campaign was undertaken along with the Woodworkers Forum of South Africa, through which the beneficiaries were selected on a weekly basis. The public could also engage through the forum and support the campaign by donating directly or supporting Tools4wood.

So, if you are looking for tools for yourself or someone else, why not head over to Tools4wood? Not only will you find a huge selection of the best brands available, but you can #doDifferent.

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Images by: Tools4wood