Women’s Health and #doDifferent

A great tragedy in South Africa is the lack of support for women’s reproductive health. Cultural taboo and lack of access to education and hygiene products has dire consequences for a huge segment of young women.

It is estimated that up to 3.7 million young women in South Africa cannot afford sanitary pads. These women are often forced to use unhygienic alternatives. A further consequence is regularly being forced to miss school during menstruation due to a lack of social and health education and support. This impacts on education outcomes in an environment where women already suffer from systemic gender discrimination. One South African company is striving to #doDifferent and change this situation.

Sheba Feminine produces a range of organic and biodegradable menstrual care products. Their stated goal is to redesign the language around reproductive and sexual health. They provide not only the product, but also the educational support to break the taboo around menstruation and sexual health and empower young women to take control of their own health.

In this regard, Sheba created their "Pay for a Pal’s Pads" program. Sheba offers their high-quality organic sanitary pads at a subsidized price under the initiative. Customers contribute by purchasing Sheba’s high-quality organic sanitary pads, for donating, at a subsidized price. This product is donated via schools in rural and disadvantaged areas of South Africa. This is also where Sheba makes their most valuable contribution. Rather than simply donating product, they host educational sessions with young women covering menstruation, consent, and body positivity. The outcome is empowering these young women with the knowledge and means to take charge of their health and wellness.

Sheba Feminine and their customers are making a great impact, with hundreds of boxes of pads having been donated to schools around the country, along with the invaluable education sessions.

We love companies that exist not only to create financial value, but to #doDifferent and build their business around changing lives.

So, why not make the choice to support a company doing valuable social work and help them to provide essential products and education to those in need. Check out the "Pay for a Pals Pads" program here.

Images by: Sheba Feminine