Upcycled Fashion and #doDifferent

Waste is all around us, and it has a big role to play in the damage we are doing to our planet and ourselves. Take a moment to consider how much waste there is in our lives; how much packaging we dispose of for each item we buy; how much uneaten food gets thrown out; how much water is lost to leaky pipes.

Yet, a less identifiable form of waste faces every one of us, and it’s so often overlooked - our wardrobes. It is estimated that the average person only wears about 50% of the clothing items they own. That adds up to an awful lot of waste when you consider the well-documented environmental and social costs of the fashion industry. Each unworn item means unnecessary pollution, unnecessary human costs of production, and wasted money. One company is trying to change this dynamic and do good in the process.

Maven is a proudly South African company selling the best second-hand designer, vintage, and high-street fashion. They buy pre-loved items which are going unused and find new homes for them, rewarding sellers for decluttering, and offering great value on quality clothing to new buyers. This model reflects the concept of a circular economy which reduces waste and maximizes use and value from our purchases – also going a long way to reducing our negative impact on the environment and society.

In addition to this sustainable business model, Maven is committed to supporting the non-profit social enterprise Taking Care of Business. This initiative works to empower families to escape the cycle of poverty for good by equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources and skills to operate viable small businesses and access the productive economy.

For each item sold by Maven, they donate an item to Taking Care of Business which is then used in upcycling initiatives and skills development programs. Programs like this have helped to redirect millions of useful textiles from ending up in landfill and helped provide employment opportunities to thousands of aspiring tradespeople and entrepreneurs.

So, why not #doDifferent and make your next fashion purchase at Maven. Not only will you be getting great value, but you will also be reducing your impact on the environment and helping to break the cycle of poverty in South Africa.

Check out Maven here.

Images by: Maven