Tap and Go to #doDifferent

Possibly the worst social problem afflicting South Africa is the appalling amount of abuse against women and children. It is truly unconscionable and speaks to the broken nature of our society. Even in this overwhelming darkness, there are those pushing back against violence to break the cycle of abuse. They need all the help they can get, and one company has seen a way to use their technology to lend some much-needed assistance.

Dashpay is a proudly South African payments solutions company. They offer innovative payment solutions to businesses of all sizes and types, serving the need for secure payment systems and financial management in a rapidly changing African business landscape.

Seeing the need for a secure payment system to facilitate donations to NGOs and charities, Dashpay developed their contactless donations system. The days of cash being the main method of payment are long gone, with the handling costs becoming prohibitive, and very few people carrying cash for safety reasons. This limits the potential for fundraising through traditional cash receipts and highlights the need for a new method to accept donations.

The Dashpay system consists of branded contactless payment terminals which are placed at partners or supporters of a particular charity. Donors can then make donations simply and securely, based on pre-determined amounts or custom amounts. The payment can be done with a contactless card or device, or other accepted digital payment methods, with no fees payable by the donor or host of the device.

The receiving charity receives the donations seamlessly as well as comprehensive real-time reporting on donations which they can use to track the progress of fund-raising activities and manage their finances and operations accordingly.

Dashpay has recently rolled out this system in support of Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA). The terminals have been placed at locations of partners supporting WMACA, including Protea by Marriott Hotel Johannesburg, Balalaika Sandton, Bizzy Car Repair, Vision by Design, and Clamber Club.

The terminals have also been used to support the Reach For a Dream foundation, and are sure to be rolled out to many more charities and NGOs in the near future.

So, if you come across a Dashpay donations terminal, choose to #doDifferent and tap your card to support WMACA and their efforts to turn the tide on the horrors of abuse.

See more about Dashpay donations here.

Images by: Dashpay