Take a seat and #doDifferent

It’s easy to take for granted many of the facilities we interact with daily. The benefit we get from even the simplest of tools or furniture, such as chairs and tables, is overlooked because it is commonplace.

For many South Africans, this is not the case. It is not the case in their homes where they likely neither have the space or funds available for a table and chairs. Tragically, it is often not even the case at schools, where children must contend with a lack of infrastructure - amongst other challenges – to receive an education. Try to imagine doing your work without a chair or table and you will quickly realize that a comfortable environment is a precondition to effective learning.

The Gauteng based seating company Chairclub understands that this is a time sensitive problem. Persistent lack of infrastructure leads to another lost generation through a struggling education system. They have a vision to make an impact in this space and in the lives of school children.

They have partnered with the Adopt-a-School Foundation to contribute towards a solution through a simple buy-one-give-one model. For every office chair sold by Chairclub, they will donate a chair to a school needing one. A school or community organisation can be nominated by the purchaser if they wish. Otherwise, Adopt-a-School has a growing network of over 400 schools across the country which they can assist.

Chairclub offers a range of workplace seating solutions. All their products are manufactured in South Africa, with a strong focus on skills development and contributing to the local economy. Not only are their products local and socially aware, but they are award-winning designs and completely recyclable. The school chairs they donate through this program are also locally manufactured.

We love that any business can #doDifferent and find a way for their product or service to make a positive impact on society. Sometimes the simple overlooked products are the ones most needed.

The persisting Covid-19 pandemic means that many will be working from home for the foreseeable future and you may need to set up or revamp your home office. Or perhaps your business is looking for new furniture for your office space. Why not #doDifferent and buy a locally produced, award-winning office chair and have your purchase provide a chair for a school in need and a child who will be better positioned to realize their potential.

Visit Chairclub here.

Images by: Chairclub