Sustainable Sneakers and #doDifferent

Sneakers can say a lot about a person. They have become a bold fashion statement, with brand association or boldness of design forming the style of the wearer.

But what if your style says more about your attitude towards sustainability and supporting social causes? What if your sneakers tell others how you #doDifferent with your fashion choices? This week we look at a company promoting just that.

Reefer Shoes are a South African shoe company producing a range of sustainability-oriented sneakers. Their primary materials are hemp or cork. Hemp is a wonder material, requiring far less water, pesticides and herbicides, land, and energy that other natural fibres. It also consumes more CO2. Similarly, cork is sustainable as it is the bark from the cork tree, which can be harvested every eight years without harming the tree. It is soft yet durable, lightweight and water-resistant.

The focus on sustainability doesn’t end with material selection. All Reefer products are locally manufactured, cutting down on the environmental impact of global supply chains and creating employment opportunities for South African artisans.

Then there is their focus on social responsibility. The company recently launched a limited-edition cork sneaker in collaboration with the Sunflower Fund – an organization working to fight blood diseases by finding matches for bone marrow transplants. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase of these sneakers goes to the Sunflower Fund to help them continue their life-saving work.

Why not choose to #doDifferent and have your sneakers communicate your commitment to sustainability and social causes, while still being stylish and functional. Check out Reefer Shoes here.

Images by: Reefer Shoes