Sustainable Gear and #doDifferent

The sad reality of modern life is that the result of every process and every product is a waste of some form. Much of this waste stems from materials designed for a single-use. Sadly, following this single-use, a lot of this waste finds its way into oceans and the atmosphere and has got us to a critical environmental situation.

One Cape Town-based company has seen an opportunity to change this dynamic and turn waste into long-lasting usable products.

Sealand Gear offers a range of lifestyle gear and apparel ranging from backpacks and duffle bags to clothing and accessories. All their products are made from a range of either upcycled, recycled or sustainable materials. Upcycled materials include decommissioned yacht sails and canvas. Recycled materials are produced from 100% recycled plastic and cotton. Sustainable materials include merino wool, hemp, and organic cotton – all being environmentally friendly. The use of these materials leads to the repurposing of waste to long-lasting durable goods.

Not satisfied with only making a positive contribution to the environment, Sealand have chosen to #doDifferent with their GIVE initiative. For every R1500 spent with Sealand they will donate an upcycled backpack to a student in need. These rugged packs are built to last and will further the goal of reducing waste while also helping solve an easily overlooked problem for many students. 

To distribute the backpacks, they have partnered with like-minded organisations helping to uplift and educate coastal youth around environmental sustainability and the economic opportunities that lie in a healthy ocean economy.

Sealand Gear promotes mindfulness in our product choices. The consideration of the environmental and social impact of the materials used in our clothing and accessories can extend to mindfulness of our food choices and energy usage. The sum of these choices can begin to change the trajectory of environmental destruction and social inequality.

Why not choose to #doDifferent and buy products which reduce waste, promote environmental awareness, and support a social cause.

Check out Sealand Gear here.

Images by: Sealand Gear