Sustainability and Style to #doDifferent

The fashion industry in South Africa is a vibrant tapestry of diversity and creativity, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and unique blend of influences that define this nation. From traditional tribal garments to cutting-edge urban streetwear, South Africa's fashion landscape is a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation. This industry not only serves as a platform for self-expression but also plays a vital role in economic development, job creation, and cultural preservation. That’s why, this week, we are looking at a #doDifferent company that beats to their own drum whilst delving into the colourful and ever-evolving world of this dynamic sector.

In the bustling heart of South Africa's "Mother City," Cape Town, two remarkable women, Betina and Kelly, embarked on a journey that would reshape the fashion industry as we know it. They founded Me&B, a mother-daughter fashion brand driven by a vision of providing high-quality, fashion-forward clothing at fair prices, all while promoting sustainability and inclusivity. Since its inception in 2018, Me&B has become a beacon of hope for both fashion enthusiasts and those concerned about the planet's well-being. Today, we'll explore how Me&B has not only made waves in the fashion world but is also making a significant impact in South Africa, thanks to their Me&nt to B collection and long-term sustainability goals.

One of Me&B's central goals is to challenge the conventional norms of the fashion industry. To achieve this, they introduced the Me&nt to B collection, inspired by their deep commitment to sustainability. The collection's genesis lies in the close proximity of their office to the sample room and warehouse, where they witnessed the wastage generated during the production process. From leftover stock to scrap fabric and rejected garments, they realized the urgency of addressing this issue.

Their innovative approach to sustainability became evident with their Anglaise Dress, a beloved garment that exceeded expectations. With surplus stock on hand, the team didn't settle for waste. Instead, they brainstormed creative ways to repurpose these garments, ultimately giving birth to a new line, including a tee and skirt set. This thoughtful reuse of materials is at the heart of Me&B's circular fashion initiative. It's an approach that not only reduces waste but also extends the life cycle of their products.

Me&B is acutely aware of the fashion industry's environmental impact. Therefore, they've integrated sustainability into every facet of their business. From design to packaging, they're committed to adhering to the principles of circular fashion: reduce, reuse, recycle, and remove. What sets Me&B apart is their dedication to the local communities. Every Me&nt to B garment is redesigned and altered either in-house or at local Cut-Make-Trim (CMT) facilities. This means that even during off-seasons when factories typically struggle, Me&B continues to support and empower local communities by keeping them engaged and thriving.

Me&B's journey to revolutionize the fashion industry in South Africa is a testament to the power of innovation, sustainability, and community involvement. Through their Me&nt to B collection and their unwavering commitment to sustainability, they're not only creating stylish and timeless fashion pieces but also contributing to a brighter future for the planet and local communities.

As Iris Apfel once said, "When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else." Me&B embodies this philosophy, inspiring us all to embrace individuality and make sustainable choices in fashion. Their circular fashion initiative is just the beginning, and we can't wait to see where their journey takes them. Together, we can make the fashion world slip into something more comfortable, all while having fun along the way.

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Images by: Me&B