Super Soups that #doDifferent

July is the coldest time of year in South Africa and during this time one must spare a thought for all those people living in poverty in this country. So many people do not have access to shelter, warmth, or nourishment and each year the harsh winters claim several lives of those fending for themselves on the street.

A coinciding event which happens at that time of year is Mandela day – 18 July – where we commemorate the life of that great man on his birthday and are encouraged to give of ourselves to make the world a better place. This week we look at a restaurant who chose to #doDifferent with their initiative for Mandela day 2022.

Doppio Zero is a restaurant and bakery chain which started out with a single location in Johannesburg in 2002. It has since expanded to 20 locations around the country all serving fantastic baked goods, Mediterranean-inspired dishes, and for winter a selection of delicious, warming, and nourishing soups.

Between 1 July and 14 August Doppio Zero were running their ‘Share the Love’ initiative across all their restaurants. For each bowl of soup ordered during this period, Doppio Zero will donate a bowl of soup to feed the hungry.

Those donations were made to Ladles of Love, a previously written charity that does outstanding work to feed the hungry, empower and uplift communities, and support learning for children.

This initiative was run in 2021 with the goal of donating 670 bowls of soup, however, the overwhelming support of the campaign meant that 1962 bowls of soup were donated. This year the goal was to surpass that.

So, when you are next thinking of going out for dinner, why not #doDifferent and choose a Doppio Zero location and one of their wonderful soup dishes. Not only will you find yourself warmed up and well fed, but you will be helping to spread that joy to someone in need and make this winter better for them. We are sure that they will run this campaign next year.

To find out more or donate, click here.

Images by: Doppio Zero