Stellar Wines and #doDifferent

A trend is emerging of local wineries taking on environmental and social responsibilities and giving back to their communities. With consumers becoming more aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions, forward-thinking wineries are striving to forge a new path.

One such producer is Stellar Winery. Based in Kys Halte in the Western Cape they produce a range of organic, Fair Trade, and sulphur-free wines. These wines are available locally through Woolworths and represent South Africa internationally through export to European, Asian, and North American markets.

Stellar does not grow their own grapes, but sources from farms that are certified organic with a focus on limiting their impact on the natural environment. All source farms are also Fair Trade certified, ensuring safe and dignified working and living conditions for employees. Stellar itself follows the Fair for Life approach – stemming from Fair Trade policies – to share the successes of the company with its employees.

This approach is where Stellar truly distinguishes themselves by choosing to #doDifferent. For every bottle of Stellar wine sold, a contribution is made to the Stellar Empowerment Trust and the Stellar Foundation.

The Stellar Empowerment Trust gives employees meaningful ownership and financial benefits of Stellar Winery and development farming initiatives. This also gives employees meaningful input on the direction of the Stellar Foundation and its projects.

The Stellar Foundation was set up to undertake social and economic development initiatives for the winery employees and the communities around the winery. Funded through sales of Stellar wines, these initiatives include school feeding projects, healthcare for Stellar Winery employees and their families, as well as farming skills development and childcare support.

The legacy of agriculture in South Africa still has many negative impacts, yet companies like Stellar are actively changing this and developing the sector for a more equitable and sustainable future. So why not #doDifferent and support products which support and uplift their employees and communities here.

Images by: Stellar Winery