Special Seasoning and #doDifferent

Salt. It’s the difference between bland and tasty food. It can also be the difference between simply consuming or making the choice to #doDifferent and make a positive impact. One South African brand is choosing to make this often-overlooked product have an outsized positive impact.

Many salt products available to us are either derived from non-renewable sources or have travelled across continents to get to us – or both. There is a tangible environmental impact to this given the ubiquity of salt usage the world over.

Oryx Desert Salt is naturally sun-dried sea salt extracted from underground streams which replenish themselves. Produced in the Northern Cape of South Africa this is a home-grown product that hasn’t been shipped halfway around the world to arrive in your kitchen.

Oryx products are backed by a network of social enterprises which help women from disadvantaged backgrounds establish their own income-generating micro-enterprises. Additionally, Oryx salt pots are crafted by Macassar Pottery - a social enterprise called empowering Cape Town youths by offering a safe space, useful skills, and co-ownership of the organisation.

A percentage of monthly turnover from Oryx salt is donated to marginalised communities living around the Kgalagadi region. This money is used for social upliftment projects as well as the development of community assets to be used for tourism and long-term income generation and self-sustainability of the community.

Not only are Oryx producing a high-quality product loved by chefs both locally and abroad, but they have made giving back an integral part of their business journey.

Salt is something we all use daily. So, why not choose to #doDifferent and buy a world-class South African product which makes your necessary purchase contribute to better social and environmental outcomes.

Images by: Oryx