Simplifying Skincare and #doDifferent

Beauty products represent an international market worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Given the size of the industry, its environmental and social footprint is enormous. Sadly, this industry carries a legacy of animal testing and environmentally harmful and health-damaging ingredients.

This week we take a look at a company committed to non-harmful beauty products which give back to the environment and the community. A company choosing to #doDifferent.

Skoon is a Cape Town-based firm supplying a range of skincare products using traditional African remedies and ingredients. These are combined with scientific methods to formulate products that are effective yet kind to your body.

Some of the indigenous African ingredients used in Skoon products include baobab, buchu and rooibos from South Africa, Nkuto butter from Ghana, and Rosehips from Lesotho. Each of these is organic, harvested sustainably, and contributes to the local communities who grow them.

Skoon products are PETA approved, which certifies that no animal testing is done at any point in their supply chain.

As part of their business journey and commitment to give back, Skoon is part of the 1% for the planet movement which encourages companies to donate 1% of their gross sales to an environmental cause. Skoon have chosen for their donation to support the Baobob foundation.

The Baobab Foundation is a non-profit supporting the conservation of Baobab trees in Limpopo and improving the lives of the communities who live among the trees. Skoon donations help to support a community of growers who are equipped with materials and knowledge to plant baobabs, care for them, and harvest the fruit to sell. Additionally, they fund environmental education and pre-school support, including the construction of a new school and books for early childhood development.

Since donations are a fixed percentage of gross sales, each purchase of a Skoon product directly contributes to this great social and environmental cause.

So why not choose to #doDifferent and change to skincare products which are not only better for you, but better for the environment and the people who produce the ingredients.

Check out Skoon here.

Images by: Skoon