Shop, Swipe and #doDifferent

With a country beset with problems as South Africa is it can become overwhelming when you as an individual would like to help but there are just too many needs confronting you. Whether it’s the chronic hunger problem, the broken education system, or one of the other crises constantly facing the country it feels like the means and influence of one person can do no good. 

Fortunately, a stalwart South African business is choosing to #doDifferent and give each individual the chance to make an impact.

Checkers is a name synonymous with retail, having been around for almost 70 years and now part of the biggest retail group on the African continent. They recently launched their Swipe For Change initiative – which allows shoppers to contribute to a charity with every purchase they make without it costing them a cent. This is how it works.

Shoppers can opt-in to the Swipe For Change initiative on the portal for the Checkers Xtra Savings card. Then, by swiping your Xtra Savings card every time you shop at Checkers, a donation will be made by Checkers to your chosen charity – at no extra cost to you.

You choose which charity you wish to support, between The Lunchbox Fund – who provide meals to school children in townships and rural areas across South Africa - or the Animal Anti-Cruelty League - who feeds, protects, and cares for abandoned, neglected, and sick animals. Both charities do incredible work making a big difference on the ground in transforming the lives of humans and animals alike.

So, if you would like to contribute to fixing some of the problems faced by our country, or if you would just like to spend your money with a store that gives back, why not choose to #doDifferent and shop at a retailer that makes your spending make a difference. Each individual contribution may be small but added up across all the sales of a large retailer the potential is immense!

To find out more, and sign up, visit here.

Images by: Checkers