Shirts from Sheets to #doDifferent

Entrepreneurs are prized for their ability to develop a vision and make it a reality. Some of the greatest business success stories stem from seemingly simple and modest ideas which turn into empires. An equally important characteristic of entrepreneurs is drive. For some, the drive comes from a need to succeed and for some, it is a desire to build something of their own. For a small few there is a greater good which leads them to start a business.

One such entrepreneur is Danolene Johanessen, who founded and built her company - Restore SA - around a vision to #doDiffferent. Restore SA is a social enterprise using a simple yet smart concept to maximise their ability to do good. 

They take used sheets from hotels and repurpose them to produce the standard white shirt which is required to be worn by school children in South Africa. These shirts are supplied to the Royal Kids non-profit which gets them to school children in need. Restore SA also produces other garments from reclaimed hotel linen which they sell through their online store. A portion of the profits from the sale of these items are also donated to Royal Kids to further assist them in helping underprivileged school children.

Restore SA has partnered with the South African branch of the Marriott International hotel group, who supplies all the linen for the project and assisted with start-up funding. They have also been able to create permanent employment for 14 women who produce the garments, developing useful skills and breaking the cycle of poverty.

South Africa desperately needs more entrepreneurs with the vision to build the businesses which will develop our country. If those entrepreneurs can follow the lead of Restore SA, and integrate a social conscience into their businesses, just imagine the change we could see.

Find out more about Restore SA here.

Images by: Restore SA