See Different and #doDifferent

Eyesight, like health in general, is often taken for granted until it begins to deteriorate. Fortunately, with modern medicine, this can be fixed or managed through relatively minor procedures or corrective glasses.

For many in South Africa, there is limited access to eye care, and many are left to suffer from otherwise manageable ailments which become debilitating. This is especially devastating for children, causing them to struggle with reading and learning and even just normal activities for which eyesight is so critical. This week we look at a company seeking to change this.

Execuspecs are a retail eyecare store and optometry brand with over 30 stores around South Africa. Their goal is to bring a sense of warmth and character to eyecare, working to earn customers rather than attend to patients. They stock a wide range of exciting and well-made spectacle brands and offer comprehensive eye tests in-store.

Where Execuspecs have chosen to #doDifferent is their iCare programme. For every pair of Baker branded eyewear purchased by customers, Execuspecs donate a free eye test and set of frames to a child in need.

A diagnosis and corrective glasses at a young age have the power to transform a life. When a child can see properly, they have the ability to play, learn, and live without unnecessary restrictions and can grow to their full potential. Eye tests and frames are offered by the iCare programme to children between 6 and 12 years old, with their parents’ permission, and may be booked directly through Execuspecs.

So, when you need that new pair of reading glasses or sunglasses, why not choose to #doDifferent and visit Execuspecs for a pair of Baker frames. Your purchase will help to change a young life!

See more about this programme here.

Images by: Execuspecs