Science-Backed Beauty that #doDifferent

In today's world, ethical practices and sustainable choices are becoming increasingly vital, not just in our daily lives but also in the products we use. That’s why this week, we are looking at a science-born skincare brand that is changing the way we look at the products we put on our skin, as well as what it does for our planet.

Esse, a South African skincare company, is leading the way in this regard, making waves with its commitment to ethics, sustainability, and innovation. With a strong focus on skin health, environmental responsibility, and community support, Esse is redefining what it means to be a responsible skincare brand.

Esse's journey begins with a fundamental principle: ethics before profit. Unlike many companies that prioritize short-term gains, Esse is dedicated to optimizing skin health for long-term benefits. Their products are designed to make beneficial changes to the skin's microbiome, ensuring that skin stays healthy and ages gracefully. To achieve this, Esse keeps the pH of all their products at 5 and uses mild preservatives and rapidly biodegradable foaming agents.

But it doesn't stop there. Esse is committed to being a certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and carbon- and plastic-neutral company. These certifications reflect the company's unwavering dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. Esse adheres to Ecocert's organic standards and percentages, ensuring that their products meet stringent criteria for safety and sustainability. They rigorously audit their production facilities to maintain traceability of all raw materials. Ecocert also regulates their packaging to ensure it is safe, recyclable and doesn't harm the product over time. Esse's commitment to organic practices not only benefits your skin but also supports a healthier planet.

Esse takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. They actively work to reduce carbon emissions year after year, regularly auditing their energy consumption to maximize efficiency. To go even further, they purchase carbon credits to offset their carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener future. Additionally, Esse is on a mission to combat plastic pollution. They've partnered with CleanHub to ensure that for every Esse skincare product sold, an equivalent amount of plastic waste is collected and recycled. This initiative helps protect our oceans from the harmful effects of plastic pollution.

Esse's commitment to animal welfare is crystal clear. They do not test their products on animals, nor do they source ingredients from suppliers who do. They are accredited members of PeTA's cruelty-free company program and Beauty Without Cruelty, organizations that advocate for the ethical treatment of animals. 

They also source indigenous plants from African communities, sustainably harvesting them and processing them into high-end active ingredients. This practice has not only raised the standard of living for tens of thousands of people but also empowered women to invest in local credit schemes, build houses, and improve their communities. Esse's support for fair trade ensures that plants are wild-harvested to maximize the potency of extracts, creating a more sustainable future for all.

Their innovation isn't just marketing hype. They're making a real, tangible difference in skin care. By seeding the skin with probiotics and feeding it with prebiotic nutrients, Esse creates an environment for your skin's natural microbes to flourish, restoring its ecology. This approach not only keeps skin looking younger for longer but also addresses the negative impact of modern lifestyles and industrial beauty products on our skin's microbiome.

Esse is not just a skincare company; it's a movement toward ethical, sustainable, and effective skincare. Their unwavering commitment to principles that prioritize ethics, the environment, and community support is reshaping the beauty industry. Esse's innovative approach to microbiome skincare is revolutionizing how we care for our skin while fostering a more sustainable and compassionate world. As consumers, we can embrace Esse's products with confidence, knowing that our choices align with values that truly make a difference. Esse is not just about skin-deep beauty; it's about creating a better world for all of us.

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Images by: Esse