Repair, Replace and #doDifferent

Our devices have come to shape our lives. Cell phones and tablets have transformed the way we work, communicate, and interact with the internet to such an extent that most of us feel at a loss without our devices. Unfortunately, the nature of these items is that they are fragile and prone to breakage, yet expensive enough to be candidates for repair rather than replacement.

Repair shops have sprung up all around us yet can be dubious in their repair work and inconvenient to deal with.

Another dynamic is the ongoing march of progress in the capabilities of our devices which means that every few months there is something new to upgrade to, with the result of existing devices being superfluous.

The secondary market of used phones is a nightmare to navigate. Unsavoury characters and no way of checking quality mean it is best avoided where possible.

One company is providing both a comprehensive repair service and a secure second-hand market for devices, while choosing to #doDifferent.

weFix are a South African specialist cell phone and tablet repair shop. They offer a convenient collect, repair, and return service anywhere in the country. Additionally, they offer great deals on pre-loved devices which they obtain from their trade-in offering. This allows you to get money for your devices in a safe and convenient way.

Where weFix #doDifferent is in their trade-in offering. The company has pledged a donation of 10% of the value paid for each trade-in toward the RestoreSA initiative to assist small businesses affected by social unrest. Many small businesses are still reeling from the large-scale unrest experienced in July 2021, and the RestoreSA support will go a long way to sustaining businesses and the jobs they provide.

So, when you next need a repair service, or if you are looking for a good deal on a pre-loved device, why not choose a company which not only makes this task easy and secure, but also chooses to support small businesses and the people who depend on them.

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Images by: weFix