Quality that strives to #doDifferent

One of the great contradictions in our world is that despite all the advancements we have made in every aspect of civilization, so much of the world is still exposed to food insecurity and hunger.

It is estimated that between 700 and 800 million people worldwide are suffering from hunger, and over 2.4 billion experience moderate to severe food insecurity. This is a stark number, considering it constitutes 30% of the world’s population!

This week we look at one of the largest retailers in South Africa and how they are using one of their initiatives to further contribute to their fight against hunger.

Woolworths has established itself as the leading high-end food grocer in South Africa, and the Woolies term of endearment is synonymous with reliably excellent products.

Along with an absolute commitment to quality, Woolworths has long focussed their CSI initiatives on sustainability and fighting hunger. In 2021, they donated over R700 million worth of food to charities. This is food past its stringent sell-buy date, but still within the use-buy date. Woolworths has made these donations for over 30 years as part of their commitment to ensuring quality food does not go to waste but enables vulnerable people to receive much-needed nutrition.

Further to these ongoing donations, Woolworths regularly introduces initiatives aimed at sustainability, employment creation, and hunger alleviation. One of their most recent campaigns was a collaboration with Cape Town-based street artist Nardstar – who contributed unique original art to decorate a Woolworths festive-edition biscuit tin. From the proceeds of this collaboration, Woolworths donated R50 000 towards hunger alleviation through their Woolworths Trust and its commitment to the United Nations sustainable development goal of zero hunger by 2030.

These biscuit tins were available in December and made excellent gifts for yourself and others. So, the next time you see one of these tins, why not #doDifferent and support an initiative like this to fight hunger.

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Images by: Woolworhts