Putting Down Roots and #doDifferent

Trees are symbols of strength, wisdom, and prosperity. They stand for many other things as well. They can make a landscape beautiful to the benefit of communities and provide homes to animals. They scrub carbon dioxide from the air helping to offset our environmental impact.

On a practical level trees provide shade, protection from soil erosion, and may be used for learning and playing and even provide food.

In much of South Africa’s underprivileged areas - trees are scarce, exposing the harsh landscapes and living conditions. The absence of trees reflects the perpetuating struggle for development and equality.

One company is choosing to #doDifferent and use trees to change the social and environmental dynamic.

Just Trees is a Western Cape-based company that grows a range of trees to supply both domestic and export markets. Each of their trees are grown from a seedling or cutting with great care, and a process that promotes the health of the tree and environmental sustainability. In fact, Just Trees have been certified carbon neutral since 2009.

What makes this company different is their approach to giving back.

For every 5 trees sold, they donate a tree to both environmental and social projects. Some notable donations include:

  • Trees donated to TEARS animal rescue and the SPCA to provide shade to rescued animals.
  • Fruit trees donated to Manelisi’s Urban Farm and Soil for Life organisations which will provide food and training for local communities.
  • Trees provided to a wide range of schools, NGOs, and care facilities to provide shade, education opportunities and a beautified environment.

In addition to this, Just Trees has established a ‘Path out of Poverty’ creche at the nursery which caters to over 100 children from their farm and neighbouring farms.

These efforts are making a big environmental and social impact, all in the service of their business journey. Now that is how to #doDifferent.

Perhaps you are considering planting some new trees in your garden, or your workplace, or school. Whatever your purpose, why not choose to buy from a company through which your choice will bring joy, beauty, and opportunity for many years to come?

Check out Just Trees here.

Images by: Just Trees