Put a Pep in Their Step and #doDifferent

With many South African consumers often not having enough money to cover their necessities, it is no surprise that more people have been purchasing things like clothes on lay-by. Purchasing on lay-by allows consumers to pay off an item on a monthly basis with no added interest, and they may collect it once it is fully paid for.

Now, imagine being a person who might be struggling to make ends meet and you get an SMS informing you that your lay-by has been fully paid off by a complete stranger. That is exactly how one of South Africa’s most popular retailers has decided to #doDifferent.

Pep is a multinational retail company that was established in 1965. They have 2,350 retail stores in Southern Africa, employing over 17,000 people. Adding to that, they also own and operate the biggest clothing factory in Southern Africa, where most of its clothing is manufactured. This enables them to have the lowest cost of doing business of all South African apparel retailers and makes them Africa’s largest single-brand retailer.

Pep’s devotion to serving the lower to middle-income consumers has also been a driving force for their Lay-by Buddy initiative. This initiative allows a person to contribute towards a random customer’s lay-by, by paying as little as R2 in-store or R20 online. The beneficiaries are selected at random and receive an SMS voucher to be redeemed against their outstanding lay-by balance. This initiative was sparked by a customer who walked into a branch in Mossel Bay and paid R337,000 to the shop to pay off people’s lay-by items, which prompted the store to start the initiative formally.

To date, about 4,000 customers have made contributions and more than 17,000 customers have benefited from this initiative.

With schools reopening and more than half of the children in South Africa wearing Pep’s uniforms, how about you choose to #doDifferent and put a smile on a stranger’s face by joining this initiative to help many people to purchase school uniforms for their children.

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Images by: Pep