Pioneering Sustainability to #doDifferent

In a world that is increasingly waking up to the urgent need for sustainability, brands are thinking about their commitment to environmental responsibility and social welfare. This is why, this week, we are looking at a brand with a comprehensive approach that encompasses ethical sourcing, sustainable materials, support for local communities, and eco-friendly manufacturing - redefining the way we experience the great outdoors while safeguarding the planet for future generations.

K-Way, the premier outdoor apparel and equipment brand in Southern Africa, has set its sights on becoming the flagbearer of sustainability in the region. At the heart of their sustainability journey lies a dedication to responsible sourcing. They take pride in partnering with certified responsible down suppliers, ensuring that the down used in their products meets the highest ethical and environmental standards. The company also places a strong emphasis on sourcing materials from reputable and accredited suppliers, extending the lifespan of fabrics through recycling, reusing, and re-purposing processes to minimize waste.

With 44% of their range crafted from sustainable materials, they demonstrate that outdoor apparel can be both performance-driven and eco-friendly. They utilize a diverse array of sustainable alternatives, including Clo Insulation, REPREVE (a 100% recycled material made from plastic bottles), recycled polyester, pineapple leather alternative, recycled rubber, sustainably sourced cotton, and more.

One remarkable initiative taken by K-Way is their adoption of Re:Down, a unique technology that collects down as a byproduct from consumers, cleans it, and then re-purposes it into their clothing. With the ability to recycle an impressive 97% of all collected down, K-Way showcases how sustainable practices can be both innovative and impactful.

K-Way's commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental considerations. Proudly produced in South Africa, by South Africans, K-Way's factory has been a source of employment and empowerment for 267 employees since its establishment in 1980. Recognizing the importance of empowering individuals to shape their own destinies, they established the K-Way Sewing School. Through this initiative, the company upskills machinists from the local community, providing them with valuable training and employment opportunities.

K-Way embraces the belief that positive change begins with supporting those who need it the most. Moreover, they actively support local businesses by purchasing niche products from local manufacturers, fostering job creation and economic growth. By opting for locally sourced materials and components, K-Way further strengthens the bond with their community, while promoting a sustainable supply chain.

K-Way walks the talk when it comes to green manufacturing practices. Their factory saves up to 3 million litres of water annually and relies on solar energy for 25% of its total electricity consumption. Additionally, they encourage all of their suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and become water-wise and detox-free in their manufacturing processes. This collaborative effort is a testament to K-Way's dedication to fostering sustainability throughout their supply chain.

By responsibly sourcing materials, utilizing sustainable alternatives, supporting local businesses, empowering communities, and embracing green manufacturing, K-Way sets a precedent for other companies to #doDifferent. So the next time you need to purchase some outdoor apparel, make a conscious choice and choose the brand where sustainability and outdoor adventure go hand in hand.

Find out more about their sustainability here.

Images by: K-Way and Cape Union Mart