#doDifferent: Yoghurt...helping moms with more than packed lunches

We have been on the lookout for more companies and campaigns that choose to #doDifferent, that choose to think about business a little differently and, as a result, make a difference. 

NutriDay ran a campaign called Strength to Strength which celebrated and empowered moms in South Africa, here is how it worked.

NutriDay partnered with The Clothing Bank, an organisation that helps unemployed mothers by getting South African retailers to donate their excess stock. Moms were then taught to sell the clothing, through a two-year program, which moulds them into self-employed business owners. In 2019, The Clothing Bank helped 760 unemployed moms become independent business owners. Collectively, they made a profit of over R38 million, giving them both financial freedom and hope for the future.

Pretty neat, but what has yoghurt got to do with it?

NutriDay introduced a limited-edition pack. 50c from every limited-edition pack sold went directly to The Clothing Bank, and there you have it, yoghurt helped moms with packed lunches and empowered moms toward entrepreneurship.

Please note: The NutriDay Strength to Strength campaign has been concluded.