A Mindful Approach to #doDifferent

As the new year fervour continues - with students returning to schools and universities - the lack of resources and education opportunities facing so many young people is once again in full view.

So many lack the resources to fund their primary or tertiary education or are faced with learning at facilities which are under-resourced and unable to provide good education outcomes. All this feeds into a growing discontent and hopelessness among young South Africans as to their prospects in an economically dwindling South Africa facing a rapidly advancing global outlook.

Some private companies are choosing to step in and help where they can, in the hopes that we can begin to turn the tide on the crumbling education system.

One such company is CoralBloom, a Western Cape-based firm producing a broad array of homeware textiles, lifestyle accessories, stationery, and jewellery. This varied product offering is tied together by the common thread of sustainable production materials and techniques, and a quirky, nature-based design theme which runs throughout.

CoralBloom has committed to donating 5% of their revenue to a dedicated study fund which enables deserving high school students to access tuition funding and other education opportunities they would otherwise be denied. This support is life-changing for the recipients and will allow them to fulfil their potential and contribute to the kind of upliftment which will drive this country forward.

In addition to their social commitment, CoralBloom have built their business philosophy around sustainability. This philosophy is reflected in their choice to use only natural materials and eco-friendly inks for their textiles, and their focus on preventing waste through careful design, proper planning, and operating a made-to-order production model.

The CoralBloom offering speaks to a mentality which is mindful of consumption and chooses to buy beautiful items which represent passion, craft, sustainability, and a social conscience – something we could all do with more of.

So, when you are next looking for something special for yourself or a loved one, why not choose to #doDifferent and have your choice give a young person the chance at a better life through improved education.

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Images by: CoralBloom