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We spoke to Pierre du Plessis, one of the founders of, about starting a for good business and what he's learnt in the process.

What motivated you to start

So it all started, like the best ideas do with three friends in a cafe. We knew we wanted to create two things, first, we wanted to create a 'not-a-service' business, then we wanted to create a business that could change things. We were inspired by the good work that Ikamva Labantu does and wanted to add to their efforts with, especially with the very young children. We also wanted to create a business that doesn't sell a service but sells an actual product.

What have you learnt about running a business along the way?

Relationships matter. Business is at its core a relationship building exercise. These relationships with customers, suppliers and everyone in between needs to be built on mutual understanding, trust, and sometimes a little bit of grace. Also, finding the perfect balance between manufacturing costs, markups, deliveries and the giveaways have been challenging to say the least!

What is one of your triumphs in starting this business?

Every time we go to hand out the books to the teachers and the kids is a triumph, it is so great to see their faces light up and to engage with them.

What advice do you have for anyone who would like to start a business that helps facilitate social change?

Find a real need, a real problem to solve in the social landscape and connect that to a real problem and need you can solve in the commercial or business landscape. Don't EVER assume the need, find out what the REAL needs are. They are always different than what you expect.

What words/ motto/ quote do you live by or gain inspiration from?

"Hearts starve as well as bodies, give us bread but gives us roses."

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