Growing Together to #doDifferent

Micro and small businesses are booming in South Africa, enabling entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and build the future that they want for themselves, and their families. But these businesses face many challenges - from crime and corruption to knowledge and support within the current economic market - just to name a few. That’s why this week, we are looking at a beloved company that is helping to #doDifferent by giving these businesses the opportunity to upskill themselves.

SPAR is a chain of stores known by many, if not all, South Africans. They have been providing us with- our groceries and home goods for many years. They have developed a programme that helps grow the communities that they serve.

The SPAR Supplier Development Programme is an initiative developed by SPAR to help micro and small food suppliers to become fully compliant in their delivery of food-based products. The programme has been specifically designed to ensure that all suppliers have the tools, knowledge, and access to industry specialists to help them grow their businesses and achieve their full potential, in the most effective and affordable way.

This programme was designed by a unique team of experts, including Entecom, NSF Africa and Tenzing Marketing, to assist the supplier on their journey to compliance - guiding them every step of the way.

Once a micro or small business has signed up for free, their compliance status will be reviewed on a one-to-one basis. From there, the SPAR team will help structure a plan to move the business forward. They will also have access to an Info hub that provides them with interesting articles and educational content to help them understand the process, regulations and standards required for their business, as well as a FAQ library where they can ask questions relating to their situation. Once they have achieved the required compliance status, the marketplace automatically becomes available to them as a supplier so they can promote their products and services to other SPAR stores.

So if you are looking to grow your micro or small food business, and are looking to partner with one of South Africa’s leading grocery stores, why not sign up for the SPAR Supplier Development Programme? Or if you would like to support a brand that is actively helping others to uplift themselves, why not shop at your local SPAR.

Find out more about their programme here.

Images by: SPAR