Great Local Brands and #doDifferent

Every aspiring entrepreneur knows that producing a quality product is important but means nothing if you don’t get noticed by potential customers.

This week we look at a company shining a light on great local producers with a vision to develop strong local businesses while also giving back and doing good.

Epiphany is a South African online brand directory designed to showcase local creative talent and skills. A far cry from the yellow pages of old, this directory is curated by Epiphany with attention given to the story of each brand and the quality of their offerings. There is a strong focus on small female-owned businesses and stories of empowerment.

From their formation in 2018, Epiphany have chosen to #doDifferent. Each month they donate 10% of their earnings to Angels Care Centre. Located in Howick, this charity does an incredible job of providing holistic support to children in poverty-stricken areas. The key factors of this support include education; providing meals and a sense of food security; youth development; community outreach as well as a crisis centre to support victims of abuse.

Beyond their own contribution to Angels Care Centre, Epiphany encourage and partner with brands who share their commitment to giving back. All their partner brands give support to social development initiatives.

Given the choice, I think we would all like to support great local brands. Epiphany have made it easy to find brands whose offerings have been verified and who have a good narrative to connect with. Additionally, finding and buying from brands through Epiphany makes a huge impact to the lives and futures of the children supported by Angels Care.

Now more than ever it is important to support local. So, check out Epiphany brand directory and browse all their partner companies. You are guaranteed to find some great products and brands to support and by doing so you can give back to those who need it most.

See Epiphany here.

Images by: Epiphany