Get Skooled and #doDifferent

Education is absolutely the key to beginning to solve the myriad issues affecting South Africa. From unemployment and inequality to devastating social issues such as gender-based violence, education is the treatment of the poor health of the country. Worryingly, the state of education is in a downward spiral, jeopardizing the futures of a whole new generation of young South Africans.

For those who can afford it, access to education is no problem. Between top-rated schools and private tutors, there is more than enough support, and private education is now a booming industry. However, for those less privileged, there are very few options.

One company has set their sights on assisting all learners with an innovative, wide-reaching model, and a social purpose.

Skooled is an online education platform that assists grade 12 learners to achieve their best results in their final year of basic schooling. Their services are web-based – accessible by smartphones and computers – and therefore reachable anywhere with an internet connection.

Courses are offered in English and Afrikaans and consist of a combination of notes, video lessons and exam questions with answers. They cover all the standard grade 12 subjects from languages and humanities to sciences and technical subjects.

Where Skooled #doDifferent is in their mission to assist those who cannot afford to purchase their service. For every purchase of their subject content, they donate access to content for two subjects to a developing school aimed at assisting learners in underprivileged situations. This assistance goes a long way to changing outcomes from under-resourced schools in poorer communities and is a step in the direction of fundamentally changing the development narrative of our country.

So, if you are a grade 12 learner seeking some assistance, or if you are a parent of a grade 12 learner, why not #doDifferent and use a tutoring service that will not only assist you and your children, but provide access to support for someone who desperately needs it.

Check out Skooled here.

Images by: Skooled