Get Hooked on #doDifferent

Over recent years the impact of unsustainable fishing practices on the environment and people have become abundantly clear.

These practices threaten the ocean ecosystem – and in some cases have already devastated once vibrant and diverse sections of the ocean. They also threaten the lives and livelihoods of seaside communities who have subsisted off fishing the waters around them for generations. In the worst of cases, these practices lead to conflict and further devastation.

Things must change, and consumer behaviour must be a key driver of that change.

One company has taken on the challenge to be part of a solution driving sustainable seafood and choosing to #doDifferent in the process.

Caught Online is a South African online seafood retailer. Their focus is on delivering ethical and sustainable seafood of the highest quality. By focussing on every part of the supply chain they are driven to ensure the entire process is as environmentally friendly, sustainable, and delicious as possible.

Caught Online are careful to partner with fishers and farmers who follow the highest sustainability practices. They display all relevant sustainability information on the product descriptions and packaging. This includes the products ranking on the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative list, or sustainability reports for international products.

An efficient and shorter supply chain between fisher and customer means big savings on emissions and waste, and minimized, reusable, or recyclable packaging further contributes to a greener footprint.

This focus on sustainability is a huge step forward in the fight to preserve our oceans but Caught Online have also chosen to #doDifferent and help people in need.

For every order placed, Caught Online will donate 3 meals to children in need in South Africa. The meals are distributed through a partnership with One Bag Full – a charity working to help the struggling Langa community.

We all need to do our part to preserve the oceans so why not choose to #doDifferent and support a company making an impact on the oceans and the lives of those in need.

Find out more about Caught Online here.

Images by: Caught Online