Furry Fashionable Trends that #doDifferent

Giving back to animals in South Africa is a compassionate endeavour that reflects the deep appreciation for the country's rich wildlife and the welfare of domestic animals. As a nation known for its incredible biodiversity and a mix of urban and rural communities, South Africa is home to a variety of animal welfare initiatives and organizations dedicated to preserving and caring for its diverse animal population. This week, we are looking at a #doDifferent brand that supports and protects the welfare of both wild and domestic animals, enriching the lives of these creatures and safeguarding their natural habitats.

Rogz, a proudly South African pet brand, has been winning the hearts of pet owners worldwide with their high-quality and innovative pet gear. However, what sets Rogz apart is their commitment to giving back to the community and animal welfare organizations in South Africa. With initiatives like the Rogz Academy, Rogz is dedicated to supporting under-resourced communities through education, youth development, and nutrition. Furthermore, being a pet brand, they also prioritize the welfare of animals by donating to various animal welfare organizations. In this article, we will explore some of the organizations and causes that Rogz has generously donated to, showing their dedication to creating a better South Africa for both people and pets.

Vet Books for Africa is a student-run organization that distributes textbooks, journals, and veterinary supplies to rural communities and schools across Africa. Rogz generously donated pet gear to this organization, making it a part of their Rogz Turns 27 celebration. The team from Vet Books for Africa travelled through Zimbabwe and Zambia, where they donated Rogz gear to Twala Trust, a non-profit animal shelter situated outside of Harare. This act of kindness by Rogz not only supports education but also has a positive impact on animal welfare in the region. The Animal Anti-Cruelty League provides shelter for abandoned animals, prosecutes animal cruelty cases, runs welfare hospitals for lower-income groups, and educates communities about the challenges of animal welfare. The Cape Town branch of AACL received Rogz pet gear as part of the Rogz Turns 27 social media competition. The gear was used to raise funds, highlighting Rogz's commitment to helping the most vulnerable animals in need. Dead Animals Walking is a non-profit animal welfare organization that rehabilitates abandoned animals, provides rescue, rehabilitation, relief, primary healthcare, and sterilization in impoverished communities and farms in Cape Town. Rogz staff participated in Mandela Day 2022 celebrations by making dog biscuits and dog toys. All the biscuits and toys made were donated to DAW, showcasing Rogz's dedication to the welfare of animals.

Sophakama Primary School has received support from Rogz Academy since 2013. The Rogz Academy has been actively involved in improving the school's facilities, providing IT equipment, setting up a library, and supporting their school soup kitchens with donations of fruit and vegetables from Rogz Urban Farm. Rogz also donated educational materials to the school, reinforcing their commitment to education and community development. Spaniel Welfare South Africa is dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming spaniels throughout South Africa. Rogz donated pet gear to this organization, which was used to raise funds through a raffle at various events. This demonstrates Rogz's support for animal rescue and adoption efforts. Honey’s Garden is a non-profit organization that trains and places quality service dogs with underprivileged individuals facing disabilities or diseases. Rogz donated a variety of pet gear to support their cause. This donation helps improve the quality of life for those in need of medical alert dogs.

Pietermaritzburg Animal Rescue and Rehome (PARR) is a non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, sterilizing, and rehoming stray and abandoned animals. Rogz contributed by donating new bowls for the dogs and cats, ensuring they enjoy their meals in comfort. This act of kindness reflects Rogz's commitment to animal welfare. Rescue is Life focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs and cats in the City of Cape Town. Rogz donated various pet gear, including leads, harnesses, toys, and Munchies treats, to support their efforts. This donation emphasizes Rogz's support for the well-being of pets and the importance of responsible pet ownership. Fallen Angels is committed to rescuing and improving the living conditions of animals in their community. Rogz made a generous donation of Munchies treats for the dogs at Fallen Angels, contributing to the well-being of animals in need.

Rogz's dedication to making a positive impact in South Africa is commendable. Through their support for under-resourced communities and animal welfare organizations, Rogz is setting an example for corporate social responsibility in the pet industry. Their contributions are not only improving the lives of pets but also making a significant difference in the lives of people in South Africa. With a commitment to sustainability and a heart for giving, Rogz is more than just a pet brand – they are a symbol of compassion and community engagement.

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Images by: Rogz