Freshly Brewed and #doDifferent

American fiction-novelist Cassandra Clare once said “As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” These are words to live by. This week, we take a look at a local coffee company that is choosing to #DoDifferent and make drinking coffee worthwhile, not only for the avid coffee drinkers but the environment.

South Africa is one of the coffee hotspots of the world with the average South African consuming about two cups of coffee on a daily basis. Not only that, but some of the best coffee in the world is brewed in Cape Town, the epicenter of the coffee lifestyle in South Africa. It is therefore very fitting that sustainability in the coffee industry is birthed in the mother city.

4WKS is a Cape Town-based coffee brand that produces sustainable coffee pods that are compatible with any Nespresso machine. This company is the brainchild of brothers and first cousins Daniel, Oliver and Lulu, who are self-confessed coffee snobs with a deep love for nature, which explains their slogan  “For coffee snobs who love the planet”. For them ‘sustainability’ means acting consciously, and in good conscience, for the purpose of securing vitality and longevity. Their intention for the company is to replace single-use plastic and aluminium coffee pods with more sustainable pods made up of bagasse, or sugarcane waste, with a vegetable fibre lid that starts composting in 4 weeks (hence the name). This is to challenge the waste problem caused by traditional plastic and aluminium Nespresso capsules that are wasteful, unsustainable and would take about 400-500 years to break down.

The beauty of 4WKS does not just stop at just making coffee drinking more sustainable, but they also uplift local companies as well. Instead of brewing their own coffee, they decided to approach five local microbrewers - Deluxe Coffeeworks, Naked Coffee, Terbodore Coffee Roasters, Truth Coffee Roasting, and Rosetta Roastery - to grind and freshly pack their coffee in the sustainable pods that are available at a push of a button. This comes from a desire to have local, artisanal and freshly roasted coffee that does not have a 2-year expiry date.

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee and no matter who you are or what you do, a cup of coffee can be your best friend for those long days that never seem to end. So for your next coffee fix, make it one with a difference. 

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Images by: 4WKS