The Freshest Way to #doDifferent

Online fresh food retail has seen a massive uptick in South Africa over the past few years. Initially sparked by necessity through the pandemic, many have been converted by the benefits of buying food online - convenience and better control of grocery spend – much needed in our busy lives and stretched finances.

A sub-segment of the food delivery sector consists of companies who replace the traditional retail store and have created a model to bring produce direct from the producer to the consumer. Beyond the traditional benefits of online retail, these types of businesses also offer customers the connection to the source of their food, eliminating wasted food and extraneous plastic packaging in the process. This all adds up to a healthier and more sustainable food supply chain.

One business is taking this a step further with their fresh food delivery business – making their mission to fight malnutrition in South African school children the goal of their business.

FreshBox is a Durban-based business offering fresh seasonal produce delivered weekly to several convenient drop-off points across the city. The company works hard to obtain produce as close to the source as possible, greatly reducing waste which occurs at each point of distribution. This also means sourcing the freshest seasonal produce, rather than those cold stored for months before being sold. Their FreshBox produce is delivered in returnable wooden boxes eliminating the need for excess plastic packaging, prolific in the fresh food industry, and incredibly harmful to the planet.

The service offered by FreshBox is great for customers, but its purpose is to #doDifferent. For every 3kg of fresh produce purchased through their subscription program, they donate 1kg to children in need. Donations are made through several charities which the customer is able to select with their order. All this is part of the FreshBox goal to provide a sustainable source of nutritious food to children at risk of malnutrition.

So, if you are in the Durban area, why not choose to #doDifferent and order your fresh produce through FreshBox? You will be getting great seasonal fresh food, contributing positively to sustainable agriculture, and helping to feed children in need.

Check out Freshbox here.

Images by: Freshbox