Flame Grilled to #doDifferent

Child illiteracy in South Africa is one of the highest in the world. This affects the quality of life, currently and for the future, due to the lack of resources for developing childhood literacy skills. In order to change this, we all need to play our part to make a difference. That’s why this week, we are highlighting a brand that has used its famous burgers to help improve literacy in South Africa.

Steers was first opened in 1960 in Highlands North, Johannesburg. Since the beginning, they have been serving that flame-grilled taste and worked their way into the homes and hearts of South Africans everywhere.

In carrying on the Mandela legacy of Ubuntu, Steers joined ROUNDA, which is an initiative set up by the Nikela Trust. This initiative donates funds to charities and organisations that combat hunger and alleviate poverty in South Africa. These funds are donated to an array of NGOs such as Choc House, CANSA, NSPCA and SA Red Cross. Every time you ROUNDA at Steers, a portion of the funds go to the SHOUT Foundation for their libraries and Active Education.

Through their partnership with ROUNDA, they have raised over R1 million for these worthy causes which is amazing.

Since 2017 Steers, in partnership with ROUNDA and the SHOUT Foundation, has opened four libraries in disadvantaged communities. These libraries are in Soshanguve, Tembisa, Bushbuckridge and Motherwell. The SHOUT libraries programme is a philanthropic initiative that aims to empower underprivileged communities by providing an educational resource that assists in the development of childhood literacy skills. They are designed to be a safe space for young learners to dream, learn and be inspired about their future. The libraries positively influence the community by improving the literacy skills of the youngest members of society.

The future of our nation lies in their hands and Steers is playing its part in fostering their talents and furthering their education. They understand that empowering the youth through the power of books is so important to improve education and literacy in South Africa.

So the next time you are craving a saucy burger and delicious chips, look no further than this beloved South African brand, so you can enjoy your meal knowing that you have helped better South Africa’s future.

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Images by: Steers