#doDifferent for the Underdogs

Technology is growing and changing the way that people do business, as well as make purchases. Very few people carry physical money with them every day, which can make some purchases difficult to make. In developing African countries, such as South Africa, it is hard for entrepreneurs to access card payment tools. This poses the question “How do you grow if you can't get paid?”. The answer is easy - make it as simple as possible for small business owners to accept card payments, in-person and online. One company strived to #doDifferent by creating simple card machines and online payment tools that are helping to uplift the economy.

Yoco is an African technology company, that creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to get paid and be more successful, as they break down barriers and create access so that more businesses can participate in the economy and thrive. They build business tools and financial services that work for entrepreneurs, whilst making payments accessible for small businesses – often for the first time.

Yoco offers their clients an easy solution for sales and payment needs. Through their Yoco App and card machines, all sales are captured in one place, whether they be cash, card or online payments. Clients can also create and send links in-app to accept card payments online.

80% of Yoco’s customers had never accepted card payments before they join their platform. So far, over 250 000 small businesses have chosen Yoco as their payments partner. Yoco works with entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes - from coffee shops to street vendors, from drop-shippers to hair stylists. They are the independents, the underdogs, the people who have the guts to give it a go.

Yoco recently ran a campaign to celebrate their clients, as they understand that small business is the heartbeat of the community and add colour to every street corner. Their campaign - #BackTheUnderdog - encouraged people to show the underdogs some love by creating and downloading custom artwork, sharing it on social and helping to support their favourite small businesses. They were offering weekly vouchers to small businesses, and a grand prize of R20 000 worth of support for the business, or a small business that was nominated.

Even though the competition is over, you can still share some love for a small business close to your heart. Simply create your own custom image, post it to your social feed and tag the business and tag @yoco_za. Use the hashtag #BackTheUnderdog in your caption.

So why not share the love this festive season and show your favourite small business how much they mean to you…

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Images by: Yoco