#doDifferent with Ubuele

During this time of the year, we are surrounded by festive messages and encouraged to share our time with loved ones which bring forth feelings of warmth, kindness and merriment. That’s why, this week we are looking at a well-known South African company that aims to bring value and joy into the lives of their customers daily, whilst spreading kindness and generosity.

Ackermans started in 1916 when Gus Ackerman opened the doors to the very first Ackermans store in Wynberg, Cape Town. His vision was simple: making quality products affordable to everyone. Today, there are more than 740 Ackermans stores in five countries, and that vision is at the heart of every single one of them. Ackermans is committed to making a sustainable impact, which led them to develop their Ubuele programme, which means kindness and generosity.

Ubuele enables all Ackermans’ employees to get involved in initiatives to help those in need, such as their annual Ububele Day and random acts of kindness. Ubuele Day encourages employees to help bring value to the lives of others in many practical ways and over the years, they have been amazed by what their employees have achieved!

Ubuele extends beyond the lives of their employees and the homes of their customers, to the environment that all South African share and need to protect. In this spirit, Ackermans partnered with Trees & Food for Africa to support their “Trees for All” programme, which educates people within communities, offsets carbon emissions and creates jobs.

Early Childhood Development sits at the core of their Ubuele initiative, which is why they developed the Ackermans Ububele Schools programme. This programme enables Ackermans to give back to its communities in the most sustainable way – nurturing a love for reading and learning in the next generation of leaders. The Ubuele Schools programme aims to entrench a culture of reading and, consequently, develop an appreciation for education and learning.

Ackermans partners with Early Childhood Development organisations such as Wordworks, The Unlimited Child, DoMore Foundation, Social Innovations and Food &Trees for Africa to help make schools and crèches a fun, engaging and interactive learning community. Through this, they are able to transform the Early Childhood Learning environment by introducing new literacy programmes, improving the physical environment, upskilling and developing teacher skills, as well as equipping parents to support informal learning at home.

So the next time you are looking for clothing or other household goods, why not support a company that encourages others to #doDifferent every day by encouraging kindness and generosity.

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Images by: Ackermans